Yorkshire Business Coaching

What is Yorkshire Business Coaching? A partnership between you and people committed to your achievement

Yorkshire Business Coaching believes that a business can be coached to success no matter what the size. Whether you are a sole proprietor or you manage a large business, a Yorkshire business coach works on your talents for your benefit. What a coach does  is recognise and enhance talent; moulding individuals into a team, or bringing out the best in an individual.

Remember, you do the work and your coach oils the engine

Coaches do not do the work, and when you are going about the business of running your business, coaches are not going to able to influence everyday choices. Your business coach guides you into recognising your strengths and works to put you in the right frame of mind to achieve what your talent merits.

Yorkshire Business Coaching

Yorkshire Business Coaching is part of ThinkPositive Coaching Ltd, delivering one to one coaching for small business owners and provides group events for companies and teams. At Yorkshire Business Coaching we believe we have the right team and the right approach to coaching you and your business to its success.

What we offer: A coaching programme that is tailor made to your needs

A coaching programme delivered by people who understand the mental blocks and doubts that are preventing your business from growth.

A coaching programme run by people with the skills to recognise your personal talents and passions and who know how to release the full force of that potential.

What we will not waste your time with:

A one size fits all business system for you to mechanically follow.

A monthly cosy chat.

If you are looking for a coach that provides you with a no brainer system to follow and gives you a regular pat on the back then this is not the company for you.

  • Want to be challenged?
  • Want to be made accountable?
  • Want recognition for your talents and find out about ones you never knew you had?
  • Want a kick up the backside for not fulfilling that potential?

         A Yorkshire Business coach can provide you with all of this.

What does a typical coaching session entail?

Our sessions last for up to two hours. At your initial session we find out what makes you tick and what your talents are. We will then work with you to understand what is beholding you back. At each subsequent coaching session, which moves from fortnightly to monthly, a set of tasks are put together, agreed and then these will be checked up on at key milestones and your next session. You are held accountable for each of these tasks.

What do I do inbetween sessions?

Use your coach!

Your business coach is available for telephone, face to face, or email support at any time. Got a question? Feel that you are going off track? What makes us unique is the fact that we regard your progress as important at all times not just for an hour or two a month.

A Perfect Fit

Taking on a Yorkshire Business Coach is a decision that requires courage but it is also a simple way to share your burden. By electing to take on a Yorkshire Business coach you have committed to growing your business and your future.

Taking on a Yorkshire Business Coach is not an admission of failure but the right business decision to ensuring your success. Yorkshire Business coaches work with clients in a relationship based on mutual respect so there is no judgement.

Taking on a Yorkshire Business Coach is like acquiring a pro-active business partner. Yorkshire business coaches work with you, but unlike some business partners,  have only your interest at heart.

Yorkshire Business Coaching: Coaching you to success

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Yorkshire Business Coaching is brought to you by ThinkPositive Coaching Ltd and provides business coaching and advice to small businesses
and companies in Hull, Leeds, Bradford, Harrogate, Otley, Huddersfield, Shipley, Wetherby, York and all of the surrounding Yorkshire areas.