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Become Successful, Change Something

“Success is all about dealing with change.” – Brodie Asaris

If you want to be successful you need to learn how to change and adapt because let’s be really honest about this, if you could be successful doing what you are already doing, you would be there already.

Being successful begins with a decision, the decision to change your life and do things in a different way. Often this can be a struggle because change isn’t a natural habit. Like most people you will tend towards a life of stability and consistency.

To be successful your attitude to change will also need to change. You will need to adopt it and make it your own. It is how you cope with these changes that will determine how successful you can be and you can be very successful.

You have the power within you to make and accept changes in your life. So get out there, be bold, be different and be successful.

Simon Cartwright, top Yorkshire Business Coach

Do You Want A Quick Fix?

“If you want to be healed, first you need to take the medicine.” – Chris Fleming

When we are down or not in a good place we just want a quick fix. We just want to do whatever will get rid of the horrible feeling in the fastest way possible. We will take the short term fix even though we know deep down that it will come back again because we haven’t properly dealt with the problem.

What Chris is saying here is often we don’t do what we know deep inside to do to sort out our own problems. It usually takes hearing it from somewhere or being told it from somebody else. Some of us even give the advice to others yet don’t take that advice ourselves. How ridiculous is that? Quite often when the answer does get given to us we think ‘I knew that already’.

Deep down you know the answers, we all have the power within us and the knowledge to cure ourselves. The cure is there yet we don’t do what it takes, we don’t take our own medicine to fix us. Most of the time this is because we don’t want to admit to ourselves what the problem really is and thus if you deny the problem, you also deny the need for an answer to the problem.

Step away from the problem and be open and honest with yourself. Think what advice you would give to someone else in the same situation then back it up by following your own advice!
Take your own medicine and deal with your problems the right way, even if it takes a little bit longer.

You can do it but if you feel like you can’t then let me help you to find the way.

Business Coach in Yorkshire Simon Cartwright

Are You Swimming Against The Current?

“It takes a strong fish to swim against the current. Even a dead one can float with
it.” – John Crowe

Sometimes we get caught up with working so hard and trying so hard to be that strong fish that we actually end up being less effective. There is an old saying that says sometimes “less is more”, and that is what John Crowe is saying here.

No matter how hard we work or how hard we try, if we are heading in the wrong direction, against the flow, then we will struggle to get towards our true life’s purpose. Yet there will a path of least resistance that will take us with the flow to achieve greater successes than we have ever had but with much less work.

There is a force of energy that the universe uses to take you to your life’s purpose. It is often referred to as the flow and you would have heard terms like “being in the flow” that indicate a person’s ability to be taken along a path or direction with minimal effort. The path towards your life’s purpose will always be the path with least resistance and to travel in any other direction will only result in you using up your energy by fighting to swim upstream.

If you just step back and take time to re-assess your situation, your efforts and your goals, you will see the signs and signals that will enable you to go with the flow rather than pushing against it. You have the power within to you to slow down and see the signs provided to take you in the right direction to your true heart’s desires.

Go with the flow, you can do it!

Simon Cartwright, Business Coach Yorkshire

Improve Your Communication For Better Relationships

“Modern technology will never substitute for a proper conversation.” – Brodie Asaris.

In today’s society we have many faceless ways of communicating such as social media sites like Facebook or Twitter, text messaging, email and even online gaming. Although these are good for a purpose, they aren’t ever going to substitute for a proper conversation.

All forms of text based or written communication suffer from the recipient’s ability to interpret that communication is either a positive or negative way depending on their mood or expectations. Having face to face time, or video calls if you are separated by distance, will greatly increase your ability to communicate effectively and build a better relationship with the other person.

Although it is always easier to maintain a relationship in which there is already good communication it is something that still needs to be nurtured. If you let the communication slip then over time it becomes more difficult to relate to the other person and can ultimately result in the destruction of the relationship.

Of course, the reverse can also happen, in that you may not relate to a person now but with good communication skills you can learn what it is they value and think and create a bond or friendship. In both cases it is important to listen and try to understand in a positive manner. You need to trust the other person that their message is without the intent to harm you and they too will learn to trust you in the same manner.

Conversation is the key to strengthening any type of relationship so get out there and talk with the people you want to build relationships with, be that in business, love or life generally.

You have the strength within to be open and honest in your communications and build great relationships founded on trust and respect.

You can do it.

Leading Yorkshire Business Coach Simon Cartwright

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