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The 1-2-3 of a Yorkshire Business Coach in action


1. A  Yorkshire Business Coach asks questions.

That seems a little bit obvious? Well maybe so however if you think about it you’ll notice just how many trainers, coaches or teachers you have come across in your life who spent very little time asking and listening but plenty of time just telling you with a quick “any questions” thrown in at the end.

Some coaches need to do that, for example a rock climbing coach has to give precise instructions from the outset, on equipment, safety and on techniques, otherwise your rock climbing career will be short and painful one.

But a business coach? Unlike a rock face your business world is a dynamic, ever-changing thing, which is shaped by your interactions, choices, decisions and attitudes. The business coach who does not ask about those things and does not take the time and trouble to get to know you through thoughtful investigation will be shaping his/her  small business model with you as a proxy.

Take care of coaches that ask little and tell all!


2.  A Yorkshire Business Coach emphasises skills not deficiencies

There is a fair chance that you will have taken on a business coach because you feel uncertain about or dissatisfied with the direction of your small business. That’s normal. Few people think to take on professional hired help when they believe everything is going swimmingly. Though “when life feels like easy street there is danger at your door”.

However down or uncertain you might feel about the direction of your business when you take on a coach, it is not his or her job to reinforce negative feelings. There are two ways in which a poor coach can do this:

  1. Over sympathising and not working with you to set out a clear path.
  2. Using negative phrases such as “you should”,  “You must not” or worst of all, “You are failing to.”

Your business coach is there to remind you of, and reinforce the talent and the passion that got you into business in the first place. He or she can help direct that talent and passion, but not with the language of blame and failure

 3. A Yorkshire Business Coach helps you visualise outcomes not learn processes.

If you want to learn how to keep financial records you talk to a bookkeeper. If you want to learn how to use Twitter effectively you talk to a Social Media consultant. Your business coach might work to point you in the direction of some expertise or training in certain processes, but only once you are both agreed that that is what you need to reach your chosen destination. Clarifying your destination and  clearing the route is the essence of a good coaching regime

Crisis of confidence? Yorkshire Business Coaching can help you out.

Yorkshire Business Coaching. Coaching you to success. Don’t get stuck in a rut, get support!

You have followed the dream. You have a passion, a belief and skills that you want to share and to turn to your advantage. You have set up your own business.

 Your business is a like a child. And we all know how much work they are!

12 or 18 months down the line business ownership has provided many rewards but also a great many headaches. A small business is like a small child. You’ve given birth to it and the realization that it is your (or you and your partner’s) sole responsibility.

 Parents have their child hood and family to give examples and support

Those of us who have kids know that there are moments of doubt. “Do I push them too much?”, “Am I being over protective?”, “Can I really afford this (no choice there) or am I really up to the job?” As parents we have our own up bringing to look back on. We can decide to do the same as our parents did, or the opposite or most usually a mixture of old and new. We have family and friends who are in the same boat.

Do you feel as a small business owner that you have really stepped in at the deep end?

Like a young Mum or Dad you feel the need for a bit of support, an extra pair of eyes and ears, preferably with some relevant experience to back you up. That’s where Yorkshire Business coaching can help you out.

Yorkshire business coaches have a wealth of experience in all walks of business. They know what it is to sit there and say, “I really don’t know what I am doing!”

Yorkshire business coaching sessions are designed to make you focus on the two things that brought you into the business in the first place: Your undoubted talent and the courage you have shown to follow your dream.

 A Yorkshire business coach works on what you have not what you lack

This is really important. Some trainers or coaches be they in sport, business or even in schools and colleagues, focus on what you are not doing, what you need to learn to do and what you lack.

There is nothing more dispiriting then having a coaching session which has at the end of it the target “ Now go away and be something better when you come back”

A Yorkshire business coach has a strict focus, what you are, what you will be and how you will get there.

Yorkshire business coaching is about emphasising the positive

That is the key position Yorkshire Business Caching is offering you. OUR focus on what you can do and what you are: A unique courageous gifted person who has gone into business.  It is what makes us confident that we can successfully coach and support any small business owner.

Our Small business coaching service is part of ThinkPositive Coaching Ltd


Yorkshire Business Coaching or training… What’s the difference

What is the difference between a trainer and a coach?

Over here the Yorkshire Performance Coaching team frequently get requests from individuals asking for training. Usually when we get to talk  a little to the person concerned we can usually work out whether that person wants a training session on a particular area, or whether they want coaching.

A trainer trains to an external curriculum

 Most trainers train you to improve your knowledge or skill of something that has been determined elsewhere. What do we mean by this? Well the forces of the business market have determined that SEO is important. Therefore trainers make up courses to educate you about this topic.

Trainers usually work to a set schedule setting up a session that covers a certain number of topics in a certain number of hours.

A coach works on what lies within

 A true coach doesn’t come to you with a tick list of topics and skills to give you, they work on what lies within.  After your first business coaching session you should be left with a very clear view of where your strengths and talents lie. Yorkshire Business coaches tell it straight as you would expect them to. You will be left in no doubt as to what your strengths are and how to use them to succeed.

A business coach focuses on the positive

Let’s face it. Did Andy Murray’s coach take on the job by saying, “I think you are a rubbish tennis player but I’ll work with you anyway?” Our Yorkshire Business Coaching team elects to work with you because they identify passion, drive, commitment and the capacity to make a success of your business. Sure we might recommend specific training on certain areas you might need to develop but we are not going to bolt on training just because we think it is a good idea and everyone should know about it.

A trainer can throw you out of the team, we won’t.

Alex Ferguson only has your interests at heart if you fit into the team. Yorkshire business coaches see themselves as privileged to be invited to be part of your team.  A Yorkshire business coach identifies your strengths and is honour bound to work with you to maximize those strengths. The only person to take you out of the team will be you. A Yorkshire business coach will work their socks off to make sure that you never succumb to the temptation to give up.

Yorkshire Business Coaching is part of ThinkPositive Coaching Ltd

What does Yorkshire Business Coaching give you? Access to talented people!

Yorkshire business coach Jo Lomax has had a varied career.   Think Postive Coaching’s newest addition to the Yorkshire coaching team  considers herself fortunate to have met so many people that can teach her a thing or two about business. That might seem strange especially if you consider Jo’s track record, leading successful teams and hitting 7 figure sales targets, a qualified hypnotherapist with her own practice and as a former director of a country-wide training and development agency. But the way Jo tells it, it makes complete sense.

“The best Business Coaches appreciate talent greater than theirs”

“You only have to look at the best coaching talents in the world of sport to see that appreciating and nurturing talent counts far more than the coach’s own triumphs, says Jo. “Alex Ferguson, Roy Hodgson and former Scunthorpe boss Nigel Adkins all had limited success as players but have had huge impacts at all levels of football. That is because when they became managers they put their own egos aside and focussed on finding and getting the best out of everyone they come across.”

“As  a Business coach I can only be of use to you if I put ego aside”

“Here’s how I work. For me a successful coaching session is one which starts with a client having a series of questions and at the end of a session they  feel that they have selected one and worked out the answer themselves. That’s because I have drawn out of them an appreciation of how capable they are of finding an answer. If I find myself saying ‘You should do this or do that’.. or even worse start telling them about what I did in similar circumstances, then I’m taking over. A good business coach does not take over, they allows the client to assume control.”

You have to be honest with coaching clients.

I asked Jo if there were times when a coach had to acknowledge that the client just did not have the talent to pursue the goal they had set, in much the same way as a football manager has to tell a young player that they will not make the grade.

“Yes and No” said Jo, “I’m never going to tell a business client that they are not good enough. Unlike footballers, people are in business because they have rejected a set route and routine. Footballers sign up to strictly controlled working life, training, 90 minutes a day. It’s fair for a football coach to say go off and do something else. My job as a business coach is not to squeeze people into a mould but to help them mould themselves. If a client is embarking on a course of action which  might not be best for them then I can ask them to assess their motivation for success and where their real passion lies. I’ve never yet had a client flog a dead horse, nor have I had one just walk away from it all, but I have coached people who have made changes in direction.”

Jo Lomax, a Yorkshire Business Coach who has walked the walk

Yorkshire Business Coaching works with coaches with a proven track record in business. Like Jo Lomax, a  Yorkshire Business Coach with wide experience

Let’s be honest here, deep down we are all a little suspicious of the plethora of business coaches out there.  They might have run a business without any great success you might think, or are pensioned off public sector workers looking to put their skills into a commercial environment. I always think it’s a bit unfair to prejudge people, especially if their background is not one we know. But business coaches? We seem to need to know that they really have the credentials.

I’ve been coached by Simon at ThinkPositive Coaching for some 18 months now and for six consecutive quarters I’ve been compelled to pay a hefty sum of VAT to the Tax Man, i.e. Profit. That means I’ve got complete confidence not only in Simon but the choices that ThinkPositive Coaching make when deciding who joins their team.

Jo Lomax has done the works. Here’s what she said about her two most challenging moments in business:

“I managed  a Team of 7 Regional Sales Managers, two Sales Administrators, National Planning Manager & Telemarketing Administrator.  In my first year the team had an annual team target of £9.5 Million in the first year, this target included a personal sales target of £1 Million.  It is one thing to manage a team of people to help them hit a target, it’s something else to have to hit a target of your own as well. What I realised was that although I was the leader, I had to show that I could listen and learn from my colleagues at the same time. In the end we all hit the targets we had been set because we helped each other. You know as a leader and as a coach you get the best out of people not by telling, but by showing people you can really hear what they are saying, what they want and can help them get there. Funny thing is when you do that they do the same for you almost without trying. That’s how it worked that year.

That critical skill of active listening served Jo really well in her next big challenge…breaking away completely.

Jo says: “It’s one thing to work hard and help a company and your colleagues achieve their goals but the biggest challenge for me was to move away from that when I knew that my dreams could not be fulfilled simply by staying still, even when I was successful.”

Jo left and worked in a voluntary capacity for the Dove House hospice for a year. “What I learnt was that by having a focus on helping other people, I felt more fulfilled than I had when simply chasing monetary targets.”

The courage to decide, the desire to move on on her terms

What Jo has managed to do is take her undoubted professional and personal qualities and use them for the benefit of other s and gain fulfilment through working as a coach to others.  In the next article in this series we will look at Jo’s golden rules for working with clients and take more examples from her  career to show how she really can walk the walk and talk the talk!


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Yorkshire Business Coaching: Visualise What You Want To See Happen

A Key belief at Yorkshire Business Coaching is that language is important

We have many thoughts going through our heads every day, in fact every second. We also speak a lot of words every day about ourselves and our circumstances. Your self-talk goes a long way towards building the belief systems about yourself that are programmed into the neurological pathways in your brain.

Brian Tracy recognises that we can literally speak things into existence. If everything that is coming out of your mouth about yourself isn’t positive and uplifting you can be harming your progress, even if it is said in jest.

Be mindful that every word and thought that goes through your mind about yourself is said in a positive way about where you want your life to be. You are born with the power within you to achieve greatness and this will happen only if your beliefs are of that way of thinking.

You have the power to change your beliefs and that all starts with the way you talk about yourself on a regular basis.

You can be whatever you want to be , I believe in you!

Simon Cartwright, Leading Yorkshire Business Coach

Yorkshire Business Coaching: Choosing a coach? Mind your language!


Yorkshire Business Coaching discusses how language matters  and how a coach who uses the wrong language can set you back

So you have set up your business – great! You have been an established entity for 6 months and you have come to a shattering conclusion. It might be this:

“There is so much to learn and I can’t cover all the bases.”

Or this

“My business is taking more energy than I thought it would, I’m knackered.”

Or this

“I’ve not made as much money as I thought I would/ was promised by my partner/ franchisor.”

These are pretty bleak pieces of information to have inside your head but there is no point in hiding from the truth. You must be honest with yourself as should all folks in Yorkshire. Business coaching exists to help you through these difficult challenges.

How you talk about challenges defines how you will overcome them.

Now let’s take three statements above and rephrase them. Like this:

“I’ve learnt so much in starting out in my new business and I am looking to find ways to prioritize and manage my learning to get the best out of it.”

Like this:

“ It’s all go and I’m working to make sure that I spend my time and energy as well as my money wisely.”

Or like this

“Six months in and I’m still here and I’m looking to moving on to the next step: profitability!”

Reading the first set of statements and the second you’ll realise that the circumstances are the same but the language being used to describe them is different. Language matters.

What is Small Business Coaching?

The first thing any decent Yorkshire Business Coach will do is give you the right language. If there is one thing we pride ourselves on it is always saying things how they are. Saying things how they are in the hands of a skilled Yorkshire Business Coach means truth without tears, dealing with reality without whinging self pity.

If your business coach takes that first set of statements and answers along the lines of “Yes, I understand” or “Yes, but” then beat a hasty retreat.

What must a business coach always do? Understand the power of language!

The person who made the first three statements and the person who made the second three statements are one and the same. Look, any small business coach who tries to tell you that these statements are made by different types of people is talking rubbish. Fact is we all have moments of self-doubt just as we all have periods of optimism. But we can choose how to tackle those different moments by the language we use to describe things. A business coach has to know that and thus it must be the first thing they discuss with you.

A great business coach gives you verbal tools first

A small business coach cannot do this if his /her own language is not the language of progress and positivity. Listen carefully to how your prospective coach addresses you, how he/she talks about you and your goals. Here are some simple one-liners to look out for.

A) You have not….

B) Now that you have…. its time to

A) You must do………

B) Here are some other things to add to your accomplishments.

A) You mustn’t…

B) Keep doing X and Y which are working for you.

If your business coach is giving all As, then they aren’t an A grade coach!

This blog was written by Mark Luscombe who has used the services of Yorkshire Business Coach Simon Cartwright for just over a year and a half, resulting in a profitable 18 months!

Change: It’s Just NOT Natural

“Change can quite often be difficult because change isn’t natural.” – Simon Cartwright

In life sometimes we need to make changes, and really no one likes change even if they say they do. You like to stay in your comfort zone and keep doing what it is you are currently doing. You might even be one of those who will do this even if you know that what you are doing is making you unhappy and unsuccessful.

Sounds strange doesn’t it but if you really looked at your life there will be things that you do that are harmful to your success whether that be at work or play. Try it now, see how many activities you can think of that are stopping you from being more successful. Once you have at least one, think about how you can change your behaviours to remove this blockage from your life.

Change isn’t always easy because you have to get out of your comfort zone and do what you are not used to. In saying that though, if you do get out of your comfort zone you will see that the change is so very worth it. You will have a feeling of accomplishment and self worth which can only help you on your path to success and happiness.

You were born with the power within you to make a change and stick to it. Make a change and head towards your success with a smile on your face.

You can do it!

Simon “Yorkshire Business Coach” Cartwright

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