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The Diary of a failed Coaching Client (Not with Yorkshire Business Coaching)

Not all Business Coaching clients go on to success. At Yorkshire Business Coaching we make it clear what you will get!

Here is the account of someone who went along to Business Coaching but could not make the best of what we had to offer.

September 2012 My business coach knows nothing about CRM systems.

I found today’s coaching session rather frustrating to say the least. I recently found out that the way to stop duplicating emails and changing the recipient each time is to buy a CRM system. So I thought that a good idea would be for my coach to advise me on what the best sort of CRM system is best. Rather than than give me the information I needed I spent an hour answering questions about my priorities and how I was going to measure the  the effects of my communication strategy. If a coach does not know what the best basic system is for a business then what is the point?

November 2012: After three months of coaching I still have not cracked time management

Right from the very beginning , from the very first day of working with my business coach I have made it clear that time management was a key issue for me. You would expect that an experienced business coach who has supposedly  been there and walked the walk would have all the information at his fingertips. I mean, come on, we all know that the most effective people manage their time effectively. Instead of giving me solutions my coach keeps hinting that it is my fault I have days when I just don’t seem to be able get anything done.

January 2013. If I’m paying then how come I’m the one being “held to account”?

I have had it with this business coaching lark. I pay a coach I ask them for concrete solutions to issues like time management and communication and all I end up with is a list of questions about how I intend identifying and meeting my targets and identifying my long term goals. It’s been 4 months of the same old same old, no answers only questions!

Want easy answers and quick fixes to your business?

Not to put too fine a point on it a good business coach wants to work with people wh’d not wish to develop a long term relationship, a long term view of their business and who don’t only want to be told well done and here is your latest bolt on to your business.

A Yorkshire Business Coach will will tell you calmly and precisely what is required of you and how he will GUIDE your progress.

A Yorkshire Business Coach is not a genie in a bottle but someone who guides you through a process of self knowledge. If you want Yorkshire Business Coaching to take responsibility, you have come to the wrong place. But if you want to know how to empower yourself if you want to engage on a journey of discovery witha commited colleague, if you want to learn to fish not be fed a fish a month then we can and will work with for you you and will always be behind you  part of ThinkPositive Coaching Ltd




Yorkshire Business Coaching:The Diary of a failed (non Yorkshire)Business Coach

A recent recruit to Yorkshire Business coaching generously shares the secrets of past failure

We love to blow our trumpets here at Yorkshire Business Coaching but just to show how above board an honest we are one of our colleagues has agreed to share his diary of previous (pre-Yorkshire Business Coaching) failure

September 2012. My small business client still does  not understand invoicing

John is beginning to drive me round the bend. In our first session we spent an hour going through the importance of sending invoices out on time. I have shown him a variety of software packages and  have written out an invoicing protocol. Each time we meet he says “Oh, Sorry Brian. Not got round to it yet!”

November 2012.  Cold Calling: still no more progress on calls or responses

John gave up on the invoicing protocol I showed him and came to me talking about difficulties with cold calling. We sat and worked out some cold calling scripts with him I know a bit about cold calling as I worked in a call centre for six months 5 years ago. John still complaining that he finds it hard to get motivated for carrying out his cold calling schedule.  Have tried explaining that it’s a numbers game and that the daily routine that I gave him is a tried and trusted method. We’ll just have to see.

January 2013. Why do my small business coaching clients have such a limited attention span?

John is turning into a typical nightmare coaching client. He seems to flit from problem to problem and does not apply any of the solutions I give him. After invoicing and cold calling he has now moved onto managing his diary. So we have had two sessions trying out Google calendars and different apps. He’s back to using a page per day diary which he has to carry around with him. I suppose that’s his choice but what gets me down is the fact that he has not read any of the three books I have left him nor followed the tried and trusted routine that I have worked hard to develop over the years. For the last two weeks he has been sending me his daily diary and asking me to comment on it. I’ve spent half an hour a day correcting and prompting and still he does not get it. I think I’m failing!

Yorkshire Business Coaching, It’s all about asking you the questions not telling you the answers

Fortunately our friend became a Yorkshire Business Coach and with our training and guidance got off the tread mill of trying to impart his skills and expertise  (and lack of expertise at times) and now gets his clients posing challenging questions to themselves and finding answers they never knew they had.

Note: Names changed to protect the innocent.


A Yorkshire Business Coach won’t claim to provide all the answers!

What a Yorkshire business coach cannot do for you.

We’d be truly daft here at Yorkshire Business Coaching if we spent all of our time telling you what we cannot do for you. First rule of any business is advertise and sell your strengths. Second rule of business is be truthful, do not sell what you cannot deliver so here is the advice that no business coach will volunteer until you have paid for at least half a dozen sessions.

A small business coach cannot make you get up and get started everyday

Sorry folks but if the lure of leaving the world of the employed was principally that you would not have to be in a certain place at a certain time of someone else’s choosing and you cannot get round to establishing a routine of your own, tough. Your coach will prod and ask you if you are fulfilling your business goals and advise on how to manage your time effectively.  But he will not be round your house threatening you with disciplinary proceedings if you are late to the office.

A Small Business Coach cannot make you want to make more cash

Have a look at yourself. Ever left the phone switched off because you couldn’t be bothered to take a call. Ever not quite got round to sending that email to someone who logged onto your site because you got sidetracked on your favourite YouTube Channel? You might be tired or you might be busy or maybe the key is a lack of desire. Your coach cannot give you that edge or that desire, what  he can do is get you to recognise the fact and discuss remedies.

A Small  Business Coach cannot train you or recommend products

This might seem obvious but a Yorkshire business Coach cannot typically provide you with the best CRM system in the world, here at Yorkshire Business Coaching we will not teach you cold calling techniques, give you great sales and marketing copy or tell you how to close a deal. But guess what, your small business coach will probably work with you to identify that little chink in your armor that stops you from finding the answers.

A Small Business Coach will ask awkward questions

Here at Yorkshire Business Coaching we can pose the questions that will prompt this answer ” How do I hold myself to account and why?”  The answer lies within. Any small business coach who tells you otherwise is not telling it straight.


How do I get more for less? Top of the small business coach FAQ list!

Every small business coach deals with the question: “How can I get more money and spend less time slogging away?” The answer? Stop thinking that you have a job.

For many people, like you, who have the courage to follow their dream and start a small business, there comes a moment where they think their new boss is just as fearsome as their old boss. That’s right the dream of being your own boss can turn sour if  all you do is think about jobs for you to do.

Think about the worst boss you ever worked with. Now it could be you!

A poor boss sets you endless lists of tasks to do without giving thought to whether the time and resources are available to do them.

A poor boss never seems to see the big picture and does not think through processes he puts in place.

A poor boss never takes time out to think of other ways, other directions, other people to talk to, other anything – until the need slaps them in the face.

The biggest trap we fall into as small business owners is measuring time and tasks over process.

Because that is what a rubbish boss does. He’ll worry about you clock watching, he’ll question you over time out, and he’ll keep thinking that pushing harder in the same direction will make a difference. If you go to a small business coach with the question we asked about all the time and he or she answers about time management, setting daily tasks then that’s fine. That coach isn’t wrong but they are only half right. That stuff matters but if that is all you walk away from a business coaching session with is just that then you will be the same boss who used to come in say;” Hey guys I’ve got a great new system to get you working more!”

A Yorkshire Business Coach gets you to delve below the systems.

A small business coach who always gets you to leave their (60 minutes and not a second more) session with the idea “I should now  be doing xyz” is getting you to be a bad boss. A small business coach who gets you leaving the room wondering how, imagining, and thinking about change then they are setting you on the right road. We’ll be honest, the Yorkshire Business Coaching way is a hard way. Taking on a coach is a long term commitment to developing and changing yourself. If you read this and can see what we are getting at then a Yorkshire Business Coach could be for you.


Small Business: Time management problems = Time wasting problems

A Yorkshire Business Coach  gives an honest answer to the question every small business coach gets asked. How do I improve Time Management?

Ask any small business coach this question. “What is the problem that is brought to you by clients more than any other?”

We guarantee that the likely answer is going to be “Time management”. Check on the Internet to see just how many advice forums, essential applications, training courses and blogs there are on this seemingly difficult subject.  Very few of these words of wisdom will tell you the truth, which is…

If you think Time Management is your problem you’re just kidding yourself!

 What people call time management problems are down to two things.

  1.  Too much to do in the time you have allotted yourself.
  2.  Time wasting
  3.  Not knowing your priorities

Actually we should have put these three time killers into reverse order. The number one time killer is not having priorities. All too often people confuse trying to manage and plan their time effectively with trying to work out what is important and what can be left. Try these three top tips for time efficiency and get that time back.

Take your task list and ruthlessly cut out what can be left off for the week

Our number one tip for time management is to work out what is important. Often writing down all the things you intend to do during a day or a week leaves you with a task list that is like Everest. So once you have done, that cross out the ones that really do not matter.

Focus on one task at a time and see how time glides past in your favour!

Sometimes we get paralysed and don’t complete a task because we are so worried about the insurmountable list. If we prioritise properly then we can focus on what we are doing. Ever noticed how time seems to glide by when you are immersed in a task? You know that task forms part of the big picture but focus only on that one task and do not worry about the rest.

Sometimes list building = time wasting

Ever sat down and said, “Right I’m going to plan my week’s work” and been sat there an hour later with nothing but a load of scribbles on a pad, or worse, a list of lists? What on earth is going on? It’s simple, you are using planning as a pretext not to do something. If Your Google calendar is an escape, identify that monkey on your back and get on with it!

 Relax, you can do it

With these three top tips you will start getting a handle on your time in no time! Last thing – Don’t forget to schedule in short breaks to allow yourself some time to relax as this will boost your productivity and avoid burn out.

Small business can be tough for a small business coach too!

At Yorkshire Business coaching we try to be honest about ourselves: We don’t always find business easy!

I don’t want to be giving away any trade secrets today but I had a chat with a fellow business coach that I want to share with you.  I was invited to a networking event in Selby and was immediately introduced to a fellow coach who was a guest there as well. As we talked we agreed on five things.

Small business coaches need coaches.

We both agreed that neither of us would be anything like as effective to our clients if we did not have coaches ourselves. Rather like a GP who treats himself, or a divorce lawyer who represents himself against their trouble and strife in court; a coach without a business coach is likely to be unable to spot the little bits that need tweaking in their business without another objective view.

80% of the barriers to progress in business are internal

Not only for our clients but for ourselves as well. Human nature with its foibles, faults, glorious moments of inspiration and triumph are the drivers and brakemen of any business. As business coaches in Yorkshire we work with people to accept, understand and then deal with the issues that simple human frailty present.

There is not a single barrier to small business success that is unique.

Because human nature is what it is, there are no unique problems that we encounter in small business coaching.  Based in Yorkshire, business coaching is about applying common sense. Anyone who tries to tell you they have a unique insight into the world of business is talking rubbish.

A good business coach never downplays a client’s concerns.

Here’s the paradox, just because the problems are common doesn’t mean that the solutions are all the same. Good business coaching practice demands that a coach understands and works with a client’s individual understanding and perspective of what is to be done. No competent business coach prescribes a set business antibiotic to each person’s challenges.

Coaching people to small business success is a long-term process.

For the ethical business coach that means not telling a client that there is a quick fix. For the small business person that means understanding that the work they do with their business coach is  a lengthy road that may have twists turns and may leave them feeling that progress is stalled from time to time.

We understand your business worries

Those were the five things we agreed upon and as you can see: we understand that every business owner needs a coach to success; most of the barriers to being successful in business come down to the individual; someone has had your problem before but we will help you find the solution that is right for you; and that although there can be quick wins, creating a successful business takes time.



Small Business Success isn’t solitary Success:- Yorkshire Coaching

Setting up our small business coaching service has made us aware of the challenges we share with all business owners

Living the dream of escaping the corporate rat race and running your own small business is something many people embrace. If you are one such person then you should give yourself a big pat on the back because you have shown courage, passion and have chosen freedom.

For many of us though, the small business dream can very quickly turn into moments of worry, doubt and above all, isolation. We hate to admit it but there are things about corporate life that we enjoyed and took for granted.

There’s no water cooler in your back bedroom

 The Water Cooler Conversation: that little chat where you were able to bond with colleagues chatting about last night’s episode of a TV series or tonight’s Champions League Match doesn’t happen in your back bedroom. The office politics that drove you to make a radical and ambitious choice was balanced by friendships, chitchat about everyday life and free advice. For every career climber that was willing to use your head as a rung on the ladder of their long climb, there were straightforward guys you knew, liked and trusted.

 Small business does not have to mean a small, enclosed world

There are a variety of opportunities out there for small business people to connect to the world outside of their office. In our experience, business fortunes always take a leap forward once people are able to dig themselves out of the rut of being in “the office” everyday. Going to networking events, or meeting up with a trusted colleague for a drink and a chat will help you to feel released and will aid in dealing with issues more positively. Positive thinking leads to positive results. If you have not yet joined a networking group then it is worth giving the matter some thought. Time spent mulling over problems alone can be better spent sharing ideas and helping others.

 Helping others means helping yourself

 Taking time out from being on your own and offering support to others has many positive effects on you and your business. Doing something positive for other people not only makes you feel good it will also enhance your reputation. Your positive contacts with other small businesses will echo through the community, a small piece of business support offered by you will act as an effective piece of marketing. Support for a small business colleague close to you costs a lot less than the latest e-mail template you have designed.

 Get Out, offer help and reap the rewards

 Being in business for yourself can be tough, even on a good day, but there is help at hand. Take the time to get out of the office, help others, help yourself and help your business grow.

You can do it!


If this article has made an impression on you, then you have just sampled the key ethos of Yorkshire Business Coaching. We work on the mental approaches to business rather than just on procedures. If you need some help with getting your business in shape then let us know. is a part of ThinkPositive Coaching Ltd.

Mindset is the Key: Yorkshire Business Coaching

Mindset is the key to Small Business Success

At  Yorkshire Business Coaching we are frequently asked this question. What is the one thing that is missing, the one thing I am lacking to get the success I deserve? The quick answer is that you lack for nothing. You have the skills, the passion and the courage to get out there and start your own business. But we then go on to say that the biggest difference between those who succeed and those who are still striving is mindset. Sometimes that can seem like tough news for someone. If they are feeling down or worried about their business then they might feel that their mindset will never be such that they will achieve the goals they have set themselves.

Guess what? It’s tough for everyone

At any point in time the Bransons, Sugars and Brad Burtons of this world have had moments of doubt and fear. Mindset is not continuous optimism. Mindset is not always being on the go, never feeling tired or always believing. Mindset is the simple realisation that you were born with the capacity to do whatever you choose and have the ability to embrace the future and move on in spite of obstacles.

Everything happens for a reason

Accepting the knock backs and then reminding yourself that you are a uniquely talented individual, with all the capacity your human brain has to offer means that you can see new possibilities on each horizon. A rejection of anger, and a rejection of envy means that with every new challenge there will be unique possibility.

Your business coach is your window to your strength

That’s all we do at Yorkshire business coaching. We shine a light on your talents and show you how to clear a pathway through negativity and embrace all of the possibilities your unique passion for business can bring you. For us the joy of coaching for small business lies in the big steps our clients make. part of ThinkPositive Coaching Ltd

Yorkshire Business Coaching is brought to you by ThinkPositive Coaching Ltd and provides business coaching and advice to small businesses
and companies in Hull, Leeds, Bradford, Harrogate, Otley, Huddersfield, Shipley, Wetherby, York and all of the surrounding Yorkshire areas.