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How a Yorkshire Business coach works with you to grow your business

Taking the time to engage a Yorkshire Business coach is a worthwhile step and serious investment in your personal and professional development. Let’s take a little bit of time to examine what you are buying.

A Yorkshire Business Coach will work with who you are, not what you might imagine yourself to be.

A small business coach engages in a professional relationship with you and that professionalism has to be rooted in trust, confidence and honesty. It is essential that you understand this. There is no point in not being honest about your capabilities and your skill set. Your coach is the one person you must be prepared to bare all to. A Yorkshire Business Coach is the one person in business you can trust to be told “I am not very good at this…” Establish honesty about yourself, you have a great coach.

The unique Yorkshire Business Coaching formula focuses on the person more than processes

It is really vital to understand this. What makes our coaching formula unique is the fact that we work with you to draw out the full extent of your capabilities rather than give you a series of tasks to follow. Does this mean that Yorkshire Business Coaching is airy-fairy? No, far from it; A Yorkshire Business Coach will point you in the direction of strategies and people who have expertise in certain areas, but the options you are represented with will not be from a set menu, rather they will be closely related to your skills and personality.

Attitude is crucial in Business. Simply by reading this you have shown you have it in spades!

 In all walks of life, mindset is often the first and last thing that determines the likelihood of success. How often do we expect the England Football team to win a penalty shoot out? Hardly ever and that negative mindset surrounds both fans and players alike. The key goal of a Yorkshire Business coach is to enable you to identify and overcome any internal barriers to your success. As Henry Ford put it, “If you believe you can or believe you can’t chances are you are right!”

If you dare to dream and get the right support then you can achieve!

 Sometimes we are not sure what our dreams really are. Sometimes we are so bogged down in the details of everyday life and ploughing the same lonely furrow that we lose sight of why we started a small business in the first place. A Yorkshire Business Coach will, within a short time, help clarify what those long term ambitions really are and enable you to realize them.

Get the support, achieve your dreams, start by getting in contact with one of the options on our contact page.

Yorkshire Business Coaching: After a Session

In our last post we showed what sort of work a client will do to prepare for a Yorkshire Business Coaching session.

There is not however very much point in having a small business coaching session, no matter how well prepared for or how satisfying the outcome, if you do not immediately follow up. So here is our quick guide to how to follow up after a session.

1. The very next morning at the latest, review your notes and write a summary of your coaching session.

Any learning activity is always better reinforced with a brief set of summary notes after the event. Notes taken at the time may seem clear in the middle of your coaching session but a few days or weeks down the line they may not seem at  all clear. So sit down with your notes and make sure that you can summarise your session’s outcomes.

2. Contact your small business coach if things are not clear

A Yorkshire Business coach is not a clock watcher. My sessions tend to last as long as both I and my coach see fit. If when you come to appraise your session and perhaps something is not clear, give your coach a call. A truly professional business coach will make time to ensure that the value of your coaching session is fully understood and absorbed.

3. What is my challenge? “When life looks like easy street there is danger at your door” (Jerry Garcia)

In our last post we suggested that any session where you expect things to be warm and cosy, especially one for which you have not adequately prepared are likely to become rather uncomfortable. A Yorkshire Business Coach is there to challenge you. The most dangerous part of the post business coaching session period is when you leave believing hat all is well. Make no mistake, Yorkshire business coaching is not about allowing yourself to rest on your laurels, but if at the end of a meeting you are not clear on the actions you need to take, it is too easy to relax. So set yourself this post coaching session challenge, ask yourself: “What did my coach and I touch on that I need to improve on?”

4.  Ask YourselfWhat progress do I want to report to my business coach?”

Another post coaching session activity which will keep you on your toes is to visualise yourself reporting, next time on the progress you have made or the improvements you have put in place. our Yorkshire Business Coach is only effective if he and you both see that there is mutual accountability in the process. Your coach is accountable to you for obvious reasons but then so too should you be to him. If your coach does not make you feel that you want to please him and report significant gains then he or she is not very effective.


Can you see yourself benefiting from this process?

Hopefully you have read this and the last piece we posted on effective use of Yorkshire Business Coaching Services. If you think that you could benefit from being involved in the unique Yorkshire Business Coaching method then please get in touch with us. All of the contact options available on our contact page.

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Yorkshire Business Coaching: How to prepare for a Session

As a Yorkshire Business Coaching client I understand that my input is as important as my coach’s.

So with that in mind I thought that I would share with you how I go about getting the best out of a session. Actually I’ve got one tonight so I have real motivation to make this as clear as I can.

I review my notes from my last  business coaching session.

Which means that I make sure that I take notes and agree them with my small business coach during each meeting. A coaching session is a professional activity and therefore I should engage with it in a fully professional manner, I need a record of what was covered and what was achieved in each session. I spend no less than 20 minutes revising my notes before I go to my session.

I revisit my long term business and personal goals.

This takes no more than about 2 minutes But it is 2 minutes of intense concentration and focus. If you do not know what you are in business for then you are not providing yourself with the best chance for success. Without a clear direction, it will be more a matter of luck than judgement. Two minutes reminding myself why I am in business is time well spent. It sets the context for my small business coaching session and allows me to have confidence that the direction of the session is one in which I wish to travel.

I make a list of questions

Ever been to an interview for a job and felt really inadequate when you have been asked “Now do you have any questions for us?” And have nothing to say? one way of making sure that you have a positive contribution to make to any professional discussion is to have a list of pertinent questions. They can be about yourself or the process. One great question to ask your small business coach is, “What do you see my long term goals as being?” Why? Because if your coaches perception of your aims and what you believe them to be are different then this is something well worth exploring further.

Above all I am not afraid to be challenged.

Any small business coaching session that I go to under prepared, and expecting an easy ride, is one in which I will get a rude awakening! My coach is a colleague and a friend but not a casual mate. I would not expect any else from a Yorkshire business Coach.

Do you see Business Coaching as a serious professional engagement? Make your booking, contact a Yorkshire Business Coach today.


Yorkshire Business Coaching: How the penny dropped with my business coach

One particular Yorkshire Business Coaching session that stands out in my mind was the one where the penny dropped. My Small business coach sat down and told me that he needed some advice on aspects of running a small business. He said that a colleague of his was canvassing views about different ways to organise his business and that he was interested in a range of views.

Perceptive questions lead you to find answers.

At the end of the question and answer session my coach showed me his notes. Rather than a list of questions, it was on a sheet of paper headed Mark’s area of expertise. In essence my coach has provided a whole series of answers to the questions that I had about how to run my business. How do I manage time effectively? How do I best deploy my resources? What are my strengths and where do I need to delegate tasks to others more skilled than I am? At the end of the session I had provided a lot of the answers.

A Yorkshire Business Coach develops relationships that bring those key questions to the fore.

The journey from engaging the services of my coach to the ‘penny has dropped’ moment was quite a long one. It was around twelve months of probing, establishing a bond, understanding each other and gaining an understanding about what both of us wanted from the process. Any Business Coach who attempts to get you to believe that the answers will come straight way is kidding you.

What can A Yorkshire Business Coach do for me?

In short as much as you are prepared to invest in the coaching process. The fact that you are giving careful thought to your business and are looking at this webpage indicates a commitment to your future. My advice to if you are considering approaching Yorkshire Business Coaching is the following.

By engaging a Yorkshire Business Coach you effectively engaging a pro-active business partner. Make sure that after your initial consultation this is someone you want to share your dreams with.

Be prepared to put in a lot of work. each individual coaching session is not simply a question of me going along to my small business coach and being provided with a blueprint. The more work I put into the process the more I get out of it.

Make sure that your business coach knows all about you, warts and all. He cannot ask you the relevant questions if you have not given him the truth about yourself.

Get started

Take the first step to a better business, go to our contact page and start your journey today.


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Showrooming: Business Issue or Opportunity?

Yorkshire Business Coaches are full of good ideas and ways to find opportunities to improve your business, so it was interesting to read a BBC article on an issue facing bricks and mortar businesses when people take to the internet and take their sales somewhere else. The article I am referring to is The Peril of Showrooming if you are inclined to have a read.

Essentially, showrooming means that people are walking into shops, finding what they like either through browsing the stock themselves or with the help of a sales assistant, and then search for the best price online – while still in the store! If they find a better price they purchase elsewhere. What a way to lose a sale.

A problem or an opportunity?

Now as any coach will tell you, this isn’t a problem, it is an opportunity. Here are some things we know:-

  1. People find 3G data connections slow and cumbersome. They would prefer to use free wifi if available to search online.
  2. You can set up a wifi connection so that users must go to your page first before being able to get onto the internet.
  3. People would rather get what they want now, if it was at the best price.

Let us take this a step further and look at the customer experience.

They arrive at your store, are greeted warmly by a sales person who helps them through the tricky process of deciding which of the many items available suits their requirements best. The customer, wanting the best deal, goes online with their mobile phone, tablet, or laptop while in the store and has quite a poor experience waiting for the 3G connection (or worse) to search for the product somewhere else. They know that a better price would be worth the wait so they persist. Once they have found a better price they will either buy online immediately, or do it later. Either way, you have lost the sale and they walk out empty handed.

Let’s look at this customer experience when this issue has been turned into an opportunity.

They arrive at your store, see the signs advertising your free wifi, are greeted warmly by a sales person who helps them through the tricky process of deciding which of the many items available suits their requirements best. The customer, wanting the best deal, goes online with their mobile phone, tablet, or even laptop while in the store using the store’s free wifi.

First thing they have to do is go to the store’s wifi sign in page and look at what it says, “We will match any cheaper deal you find online, right here today in the store. When you are finished browsing, take your device to the sales assistant who will validate the price at the other store and match that price immediately.”

If I was the customer I’d find the cheapest price I could and walk out the door with the product I wanted right then and there.

If you were the customer, what would you do?

Right there, is an opportunity to improve customer experience, increase brand recognition, regain sales that you previously would have lost and maintain business profitability. You might do it differently, offer a discount instead of a price match but conceptually you understand what we are doing. Take a changing customer journey and use the knowledge of this journey to convert it into a sale in your store rather than a sale in someone else’s.

Now you may think that it becomes commercially unviable and that you will lose profit when you have to decrease your prices in this way, but you will find that this activity will cover your costs at a minimum and not everyone will be showrooming. In addition, it will also give you a very clear indicator as to which of your products are over-priced in the marketplace. Your sales staff will be happier, their time is being utilised better and they will also make more sales.

It is this kind of thinking that gives your business the edge. If you want to continued growth in a poor economy then you need to get on top of these things, understand your customer better and make it easier for them to buy from you. A Yorkshire Business Coach can help you with that so if you have this or other problems in your business, go to our contact page to get in touch.



No man is an island: How a Yorkshire Business Coach can work for you.

Every Yorkshire Business Coach is committed to you, your wellbeing and your goals for your small business

It comes as a great surprise to all of us who ditch the shackles of the corporate lifestyle and set ourselves up in our own small business. The freedom we seek, the sense of liberty and the lack of anyone hovering over us, checking how we use the computer, what time we arrive or leave and how well we answer the phone, can become a bit of a burden.

With independence comes responsibility, but guess what? The ultimate responsible decision in business is knowing that you cannot and will not do it all on your own.

Having a business coach means you are simply following the lead of the Sugars, Bransons and Trumps of this world

These guys are happy for you to swallow the myth, that they did it on their own and that a number of people are dependent on them. Dig below the hype and you see one thing these business greats have in common which is not their ability to see opportunity or to know their strengths but to know who they need to to supplement their skills to succeed. Great business people often possess ideas and a capacity to get the best out of others. It’s that what makes them great business people rather than great workers within their business.

What have you got?  A small business or a job where you are the boss and the employee?

This is the key that we find many of our small business clients fail to make. For many being self employed becomes a chain that drags them down. Many small business owners find that they are poor bosses, stricter, more demanding and less effective than their old corporate bosses because they fail to make the jump from worker to business owner. Yorkshire Business Coaching understands the key difference between working on and working in a business. Each and every Yorkshire Business Coach has experienced business success and can work with you to make that difference.

Brian Clough and Peter Taylor. The perfect leadership combination

Any student of Football history knows that Taylor Clough was half the manager. Clough was the leader but he worked with someone with greater talents than he to coach and motivate individual players. Think of a Yorkshire Business Coach as providing you with your Peter Taylor.  A Yorkshire Business Coach will enable you to identify what you can do well and what you need to contract out to better people. In short, Yorkshire Business Coaching supplies you with the talent that spots where your strengths lie and identify what others can bring to your enterprise. Remember it is a Business not a Job!




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