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Business Coaching in Goole, Howden and Selby: have you got what it takes?

Yorkshire Business Coaching is looking for experienced professionals to support small businesses in Goole, Howden and Selby

Yorkshire business coaching is looking for people to join our team of business coaches. We recruit people according to 3 criteria.

1. They have a proven track record of success in business, as either an employee or self-employed.

2. The have a passion for sharing their expertise and knowledge with others.

3. They fully subscribe to the Yorkshire Business Coaching ethos of developing healthy and positive mindsets to grow business.

Let’s take look at the ideal Yorkshire Business Coach

The proven track record of success we are looking for needs to include working effectively with teams of people. This can be leading a sales team, or team of teachers in a successful department in a  school. Size of business turnover is not our key consideration here, we are looking for people who have made a positive mark on the world and have added value, be it with a team of three or team of three hundred.

“But I have just been a sole trader,” you might say, “does that count me out?”

Absolutely not. It is unlikely that you have spent your time alone in an office, you must have engaged with clients, engaged with other members of your profession and engaged with other small business owners at Chamber of Commerce or networking events. That’s what we want to find out more about.

People or Processes? Which matter most?

Very easy to fall into the trap here of saying that one is more important than other. The fact is that we are not looking for people who simply say that its people that matter and that processes are a mere secondary consideration. Why, because at the end of the day, we are not looking to have cosy friendships with our Yorkshire Business Coaching clients. We are looking to have a positive and profitable relationships with a positive and profitable business owner. To that end, a Yorkshire Business Coach has to be able to turn around and ask questions such as “Have you done this?”, “Have you put that in place?” and “If not, why not?” What we need are coaches who understand that people matter, their mindset and attitudes matter but these things matter only in the context of concrete outcomes for them, and that requires them and our coaches getting down to brass tacks and discussing some pretty concrete things, like invoicing, balance sheets, or taking care of the VAT return.

A Yorkshire Business coach’s expertise is in people, and in driving these people to find the other experts they need.

A client of ours phoned up the other day delighted with himself. “I sorted out my problems with getting invoices out on time!” He said “I did what you suggested and worked out how much time I wasting worrying about it, how much stress was caused by me putting it off and putting it off, and how much time it took me to do the damn job. That prompted me to spend two hours with a bookkeeper and found that she could do everything for me at reasonable cost and free me up to meet new clients and follow up leads!”  The fact is that our coach took this person on a journey that helped him make the right decision. Our client was not given a system (we outsource our invoice processing and payment collection too) but was pointed in a direction where they were able to find a solution for themselves.

Could you do this? We’d like to meet you.

If you can deal positively with your business, have a track record of promoting positively to those around you and think that you can enable a small business owner to get to the bottom of issues, address them with confidence and make them want to tell you about those important little wins along the road to business success then we would really like to meet you.

Head over to our contact page for more details.


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Small Business in Goole: A simple 15 minute per day exercise for business growth

At a recent small business networking event, Yorkshire Business Coach Jo Lomax explained how positive affirmations can make a difference to your business day.

She talked about how a sense of gratitude can ensure that you attack each day in a positive frame of mind. She then went on to say that the language we use is vital in setting the tone of the day. If you get up believing that the day is going to be a ropey one then it will be. Every day you have the opportunity to believe it will be a great day and as Simon Cartwright says, “If you wake up and it ends in day, it’s a GREAT day!”

Yorkshire Business Coaching’s power of positive affirmations.

So we have asked Jo to give us a little more detail about how positive language can work for us.  Jo responded with this: “Language is the most powerful tool that people have at their disposal. The power of language has been used to great effect throughout history. The reported words of Christ or the Speeches Hitler gave at the Nuremberg rallies have one thing in common, the powerful effect it had on the audience and the transformational impact it had on the world at large. Yorkshire Business Coaching’s approach to language is based on the simple fact that small exercises repeated little and often can have a transformational effect on the business owner, their attitudes and the attitudes that potential clients take to that business.”

To help with this, here is a 15 minute a day task for you to make a difference to your business life.

The 15 minute a day task stage 1

Spend 6-7 minutes at the start of the day in quiet room with little or no background noise, no internet to disturb you and hopefully no-one to interrupt your train of thought. Think of three things: (1) the small business person you wish to be and wish others to see you as, (2) the long term goals you which to achieve and (3) the targets you have for that particular day. Jot down the headings on a piece of paper.

The 15 minute a day task stage 2

Walk away for about 2 minutes.

And Stage 3

Come back to your sheet and your jottings. Begin writing down each of the aspirations as affirmations. For example if you wish to be seen as an excellent communicator then write down “I am an excellent communicator.” If your long term business goal is to build a business that will in ten years run on autopilot whilst you enjoy semi-retirement in the sun then write down “I am building a business that will run on autopilot whilst I live in Costa Rica in 2020.” As you write down these positive affirmations say them out loud.

Overcoming doubt is the first step to using the language tools to success

Jo Lomax says: “The obstacle to people using these techniques is doubt. What I say to them is the following, ‘what have you got to lose by sitting down and writing affirmations for 15 minutes a day when you might spend the time reading depressing news in the paper, hearing it on the radio or worst of all, absorbing bad news sprawled in front of the television?’  These are 15 minutes which can easily be frittered away or be spent reinforcing negativity. There is nothing to lose and everything to gain by trying these trusted techniques.

Give them a go today. is part of ThinkPositive Coaching


Yorkshire Business Coach: Small Businesses in Goole learn about Positive Affirmations

Yorkshire business coach works hard to share our knowledge with small businesses in Goole

Yorkshire Business Coach and EFT specialist Joanne Lomax went to the launch meeting for Small business in Goole of BForB East Yorkshire. Jo spent a brief moment outlining the philosophy of Yorkshire Business Coaching and gave some pointers for creating the positive mindset that we need in business to achieve success.

“There is no question that your beliefs, about your self and about what you are capable of have a greater bearing on the results than external factors. Your attitude to yourself will have a greater effect on your success than other people’s attitudes to you. If people say great things about you then if you react with humility and gratitude rather than pride then they will be of benefit to you. If people say bad things about you then how you deal wit these negative forces will matter far more than anything they can say.”

 Key Word 1 in building success: Gratitude

Jo went on to say, “it is far easier to get people to deal with you positively if they see you in a positive frame of mind and by far the easiest way to do that is begin each day acknowledging what you have that you should feel grateful for. Being grateful for what you have, perhaps for the aptitudes you have is a far better and more meaningful approach than feeling pleased with yourself. Gratitude lies at the heart of a genuine desire and recognition of your capacity to improve. Gratitude implies humility, and humility is a far more positive force than self congratulation.”

Key Word 2 in building success: Mindfulness

Jo added, “I begin each day by stating to myself how grateful I am for what I have or for the fact that I have been able to achieve certain things. The next thing I do is I ensure that I am mindful of my mood and of the first things that I say each morning. There’s no doubt about it, if I get up and the first thing that goes through my head is the thought that it is going to be rubbish day then I am almost always right.” It is important to be mindful, or aware, of the actions you are taking and the things you are feeling. Being mindful enables you to make better business decisions and to have better interactions with others.

Key word 3 in building success: Language.

Jo continued, “by being mindful of the language in my head and by changing it I can exert far greater control over my mood. I can make my energy positive and ensure that I am able to do all in my power to get the very best out of my day.” Your inner language, or self-talk guides you through the good and not-so-good parts of your day and can mean the difference between being confident or anxious in a difficult situation.

You can’t knock it till you have tried it!

So much of what Yorkshire Business Coaches do is based around the establishment of a winning mentality. We don’t mean beating others, we mean winning the mental mind games you play with yourself every day. Give it a try tomorrow when you wake up.

1. Express, in words, out loud or in your mind what you are grateful for, from the day before and for the opportunities that await you in the future.

2. Be mindful of what is going through your mind, the actions you take and your interactions with other people. Make them as positive as you can.

3. Make sure that your mental and spoken language is positive. If not, then change it. You can change your thoughts and the thoughts of others with positive language. Go on try it tomorrow morning and let us know how you get on.

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EFT Therapy: Yorkshire Business Coaching works to support Small Business

Yorkshire Business Coaching promotes EFT  Therapy as part of a small business coaching programme.

In a previous post we have explored the potential link between effective business coaching and Cognitive Behaviour therapy. We discussed that the core of our work at Yorkshire Business Coaching lies in enabling our clients to overcome obstacles to success. The restrictions we place upon ourselves, either because we lack the skill set to carry out certain tasks, or because we lack the confidence to take the tasks on, or engage others to carry them out for us remain the major stumbling blocks as we bid for small business success.

A Yorkshire Business Coach has Yorkshire common sense: and that means checking the evidence, EFT works.

Medical studies attest to the high success rate of EFT in reducing stress and anxiety disorders in patients. Now what we are not saying is that we regard any of our coaching clients as suffering from some kind of disorder. What we are saying is that responsible business coaches we cannot ignore evidence that suggests that our work on business mind set, small business goals and target setting and reducing internal barriers to small business success can be enhanced by using EFT techniques.

So what is EFT Therapy and can it work to boost a small business?

Emotional Freedom Therapy works by having subjects tap specific parts of their bodies making a series of positive affirmations. In a sense EFT can be compared with acupuncture, where needles inserted into certain parts of the body promote healing and health in other areas. EFT combines physical stimulus with affirmation to relief the mind of stress, help reduce eating stop smoking etc.

Like any kind if therapy it requires the subject to be an active and willing participant. Just as Nicotine gum will not cure the smoker who lights up as soon as he throws his gum away, EFT will not  deliver positive outcomes for those who do not engage in the process.

 Why EFT is cost effective as a part of your business coaching programme

Jo Lomax, a Yorkshire Business Coach and EFT specialist says: “The beauty of EFT is that when a person has had one session, they do not have to go back to their therapist each time they want EFT to work for them. We teach techniques at a first session that can simply be replicated time after time. EFT is about self- help, anyone using it in a disciplined and consistent fashion will derive benefit and that is why it is ideal for self-motivated people who run their own businesses.”

Business Coaching and EFT are a great fit for developing a fitter business mindset.

“By no means would I say that a coaching client must use EFT”  says Jo, “however EFT can be great tool to supplement a rigorous coaching programme where  client is wrestling with a nagging doubt or issue, for example, dealing with invoices on time.”

It might seem hard to believe that someone in business would have issues sending invoices and collecting money, but as Jo indicates, people are more complex than that.

“Creative people, people with a passion and a sense of identity with their product are often quite distressed at how difficult it is to acquire habits that are part of business routine. EFT can be a way for them to overcome these barriers.

If you are interested in the benefits of EFT in your business success and want to know more, use our contact form and select Jo Lomax from the drop down list.

Yorkshire Business Coaching is committed to your success.




Yorkshire Business Coach: Meeting the Challenge of Procrastination

For many Yorkshire Business Coach clients Time Management or Procrastination is a major issue.

As we have shared with you in a previous post, time management issues are the single most common recurring  theme  in our discussions with clients. It is fair to say that initial consultations cover time management issues in about 70% of cases. What are the causes of this, is it really the case that the 75% of small business people have difficulty managing their time or their work load.

Greater access to information and ease of communication mean it’s easier to be distracted!

Someone once suggested to me that compared with 5000 years ago a human being living in a developed industrialised country takes in as many pieces of new information in a day as he would have previously done in a lifetime. Well, I’m not sure if that is the case or not but there is not a scrap of doubt that within our own lifetimes the means of gathering information, or the means by which others can throw information, whether wanted or not and vie for your attention has multiplied many times. A key cause of time management issues results from lacking a clear plan to filter those sources.

Be honest and do the Internet trail test

To get a clear measurement of the extent to which we can be knocked off course in the office do the Internet Trail  Test.  Do this test when you are aware one lunchtime that you have had a fairly successful morning and have completed a number of tasks BUT are also aware that you may have taken a little time out to check out this or that on line. Go though your browsing history for that period and see just how many sites you have been distracted by and judge the time spent on them. You’ll be surprised but don’t be despondent or depressed by this.

Your problems with procrastination are not unique, we teach you that!

One Yorkshire Business Coach client agreed that when he had written tasks to complete he was far too prone to start his morning by browsing the net and finding that within the blink of an eye an hour had passed away. Our coach’s first job was to stop him feeling despondent about this, seeing a problem is the first step to resolving it and our small business coach was able to point to a practical solution to deal with the issue. Firstly he suggested that he invest £7 in an Internet restriction programme, aptly called Freedom that allows you as many hours of freedom from the Internet as you choose.

We also teach you how to fish for solutions and not just feed your fish!

Having supplied the client with a practical solution to managing the issue our coach then explored with him the issues surrounding this debilitating time wasting habit. Together they discovered that the Internet problem was just the symptom of attempting to engage in a series of tasks that deep down the client felt were not productive for his business but felt he should be doing them because his franchise had suggested that he should. By evaluating the effectiveness of one set of tasks compared with another our coach helped his small business owner client find ways to enhance the activities that grew his business and have the confidence to jettison those which he had been conditioned into believing were an essential staple of business growth.

A Yorkshire Business Coach can help you become more effective and achieve greater success in the time you have available. Click through to our contact form for a free consultation to find out how we can help you.

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Yorkshire Business Coach: There are no Mistakes only Lessons

Every Yorkshire Business Coach is passionate about learning and insist that life is one continuous learning opportunity.

If I had to be pinned down and sum up in one sentence the qualities we look for in a potential Yorkshire Business Coach then it would have to be this: someone who is a role model for the ethos of life long learning. We believe with total conviction that you cannot be an effective coach, guide, mentor, or teacher without being committed to the process of Lifelong Learning. We believe that only a committed learner who accepts the need for continuing self development can adequately coach other small business owners.

How we react to what we term errors best defines us as learners.

We tend to make decisions about people’s characters not when they are enjoying success but when they confront failure. It may well be the case that we find out more about ourselves when we strike a false note and receive a set back. However that does not mean that we can be considered weak, a failure or inadequate just because we reach a point where events have conspired to make us feel overwhelmed. There is a double edged sword to the idea that how we react to set backs defines our character. Sometimes our reaction may consist more of putting on a front, showing a brave face to the world rather than seriously learning from the circumstances.

But how de we make sure that Strength in Adversity is not just an empty and damaging cliche?

This is where having a professional small business coach can work for you. You see a Yorkshire Business Coach has your interests at heart, all coaching sessions are confidential, all your emotions and gut reactions stay in that room but your coach provides an outlet for negative feelings whilst showing you how to manage those reactions and look out on the road ahead for similar set backs. Let’s look at a practical example.

Been let down by a business Partner? With a business coach it is alright to sound off about it – then learn!

About 18 months ago one of our clients felt badly let down by someone over a deal that did not go through. Our client had not staked a great deal of money on this project but had invested a great deal of time and effort into both the work and the relationship involved. Simon Cartwright takes up the story: “Basically when the client came to me that day he was absolutely fuming and I could understand why. He went through about 15 minutes of our session replaying this issue when I stopped him and pointed out that it was all our coaching session had been about that day.”

“He turned to me and said “Sorry Simon”, The point I made was that there was no need to be sorry, it was perfectly normal to sound off about this disappointment and that if there was one safe place he could do this without spreading negativity around himself and about himself it was with me! Then we got down to the business of looking at the effects of the negative emotions he was going through and objectively assessing the situation.”

Mistakes can always be seen as lessons but it helps to have some one to guide you though the aftermath.

That person might be your business partner, it might be a friend or a life partner. Make sure there is someone there to help you see the potential positive learning outcomes from what seem to be business setbacks. It might just be that a Yorkshire Business Coach is just that person.

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Cognitive Behaviour as Part of Business Coaching

Addressing behaviours as part of running a business

In many instances business coaching can be roughly divided into two types. Type one deals with the analysis and examination of practical issues, the drawing up of financial plans, budgeting, managing costs and orgainising staff or resources. The other type is the what focusses on behaviours and attitudes. In professional medical terms this is referred to as cognitive behaviour therapy.

 A Yorkshire Business Coach does not consider himself to be a therapist

It is very important to deal with the subtle distinction between business coaching which addresses business behaviours and full blown Cognitive Behaviour Therapy. CBT is a form of therapy used by health services in combination with other treatments to deal with disorders.  Business coaches who deal with attitudes and behaviours have only one aim in mind, to enable clients to manage behaviours that reflect upon and are influenced by their businesses. Another way to look at it, is that a business coach deals with healthy people who have bad habits in order to change those habits for the benefit of their business.

Example: An artistic creative small business owner who cannot get his head around figures

Some people are in business because of their passion for what they make or do. For many such people the nuts and bolts of invoicing, purchasing and budgeting is a difficult thing to deal with. A typical behaviour in this instance will be to put off these tasks and take on tasks that favour their skill set more. This sort of procrastination is not part of a mental disorder. In fact it is a perfectly normal human behaviour to focus on what we do well. However in this instance if the issue is not addressed then the behaviour; delay, putting things off and the consequent anxieties can have a really negative impact on the business. In this regard Yorkshire Business Coaches work with a client to understand the effects of these behaviours on their business and get them to recognise when such behaviours might be likely to arise again.

Example: Difficult personnel decisions

Another behaviour trait for business owners with employees may be a lack of confidence in dealing with personnel issues. Inactivity due to fear of conflict or anxiety about how people may be hurt by certain, necessary courses of action. Again, a small business coach will engage the client with these issues, examine the behaviours and address them in the context of the business but not attempt to solve or even attempt to identify any deep lying personal emotional or behavioural issues.

A business coach is not a Cognitive Behavioural Therapist but they can help you create better behaviours to improve yourself and your business.

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Yorkshire Business Coaching: Managing Personnel

Yorkshire Business Coaching will work with you to see personnel issues with clarity

Personnel issues are frequently brought to small business coaches under the banner of problems. This usually happens in two instances. Firstly where the client has a short term problem in dealing with an individual or a number of individuals. These can be staff conflict problems or issues connected with under performance. The worst issue employers face is when they feel paralysed to deal with an individual because they are concerned that conflict will arise with that person.

A Yorkshire Business Coach will not shirk the key cause: your management systems

That does not mean that your coaching session will necessarily be a blame game. Coaching is not about finding fault, though it is worth pointing out that an astute and concerned coach will be quick to point out that you may be dodging the issue. Your structures and systems may well be secure but in the ever changing world of commerce an objective and critical coach will help you to drill down below the policy statements and analyse how your systems may be impacting upon the performance and behaviours of key personnel.

An example may be that a colleague’s performance may be a cause for concern. However your performance evaluation techniques may be missing one key ingredient. It may well be that whilst your KPIs for that individual may be sound, the resources he needs to meet your expectations may not be there. Perhaps more of your competitors are using more cost effective marketing techniques that enable their employees to reach more people more quickly. Here are some questions you might ask yourself.

1. To what extent do I empower my employees to develop new techniques?

2. How do I know that they are keeping up with the latest developments

3. If I enable them to do so, can they actually take more work from my shoulders and become  more effective partners in my business?


The core of the effective management policy: communication

Yorkshire Business coaches try to avoid using a lot of management jargon. So just think of this simple proposition. Your coaching session is focused around discussion about shared goals. What might look good on paper may well be missing that vital ingredient, real conversation. A Yorkshire Business coach will engage you in such a way that you will feel more confident in dealing with your staff as individuals, and cut through the policy manual. Systems rely on people to make them work and people have one big failing, they like to deal with people. At the heart of most personnel issues lies the fact that an employer may well have forgotten how to engage and discuss. Coaching works because it reignites that basic human need to work as a community.

Do you have the integrity to deal with personnel issues by taking a good look at how you manage your staff, but need a hand to work out how to get started?

Then we would like to meet you. By clicking on this link you can set up a free consultation and engage with a coach in a way that may well liberate your management from the manual and back to where it matters. People.


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Yorkshire Business Coach: Challenge is the key

The Challenge for a Yorkshire Business Coach is to keep challenging you. Comfort Zone = Downhill Zone!

Jerry Garcia of the Grateful Dead wrote the best line for small business people to listen out for. You might think that a bit weird, he lead singer songwriter from the greatest hippy band San francisco ever produced but there in a the middle of one of their seminal hippy druggy songs comes the line every small business owner and small business coach must heed:

When life Looks like Easy Street there is danger at your door.

At this point we have to be fair to the Dead. They created a unique brand, were one of the most celebrated  “underground bands” in the world and sold out concerts on very continent. Their brand consisted of an apparent rejection of commercialis , they actually encouraged bootleggers to record their concerts. They were, by the time they effectively disbanded in 1995, all millionaires regarded as still in touch with the ideals of the sixties counter culture. So not only were they a highly successful small business that grew through staying fixed on their original purpose, they supplied us with the best line of small business advice in the rock and roll canon.

Yorkshire Business Coaches understand where that danger lies.

We don’t need to spend the weekend listening to flower power rock icons to understand the key message. Our experience shows that the seeds of decline in any small business are potentially sown at the point in time when there is a sense that all is well. There is a short step from feeling satisfied with progress made and complacency. It is a poor coach who will allow his client to sit their feeling content at every coaching session. It is a really poor coach who makes the mistake of berating his client for celebrating success. Challenge is the key word here and challenging a client, to stretch himself , take another risk expand his horizons and grab a frisson of fear on the way is the core of the coach’s task.

Health Warning! You may not enjoy every Yorkshire Business Coaching session!

Your small business coach is duty bound to steer an honest and progressive path between recognising your successes and not allowing you to enjoy them too much. They take one match at a time and the clichés you see and hear on post match interviews on Sky Sports or MOTD are the result of coaches working hard to drill a work ethos into their teams. As far as your Yorkshire Business coach is concerned the game is never over, the season is always running and your mental and physical fitness needs to meet the changes and challenges of the business world. Sometimes you might get the equivalent of the Fergie hair dryer treatment!

Are you prepared to pay someone to take you out of comfort zone and shake you up?

Because if you are then we think we can work with you and for you to grow your business. Click on this link and get in contact!

Why a Yorkshire Business coach must always make judgments.

A Yorkshire Business Coach is always evaluating, most especially their performance as a coach.

Part of the job of being a business coach involves assessing people. All the way through the process we make judgments, from assessing whether we can help a client through to working through how to pace their programme. “Is this person ready to move to the next level?” “Has progress faltered?” and finally the dreaded question “Are we simply treading water here?”

Professional integrity will not allow us to just drift along.

Probably the toughest decision we have to make as a small business coach is when to take the professional decision and say; “we have now reached a position where we cannot make more progress.” A small business coach is in the business of coaching because they has a genuine desire, a vocation, if you like to work with and for people. At the same time we’d not offer those services for free as our business is coaching, we have a living to make too. However our ethos at Yorkshire Business coaching will not allow us to simply continue to take monthly payments if we are not earning it.

So what causes the end of the coach client relationship?

In reality it is very rare that the parting of the ways will not be mutual decision. Very often the coach client relationship develops into a personal one as well. So do not worry, you are not going to be told one day that you are not good enough. What is more likely is that you and your coach will agree to some hiatus, perhaps because you as a business need to tread water for a while, perhaps because you just need a break.

Nothing gives us greater pleasure than to see someone break free!

The truth is that our clients agree to stop using our services because  they now feel confident that they can progress without us. This a decision that usually emerges over a series of sessions and when someone is ready to fly then we are there to cheer them to the rafters. That process of judgement comes into play here. A good coach will not invent barriers to success simply in order to keep a client but they will also have a basis for determining if the client is ready to go on their own and will encourage it at the right time.

Along with integrity comes after care.

Many of our former clients come back to us on a regular basis for refresher sessions. Just as we look after our small business colleagues between coaching sessions we also welcome back people who have been away. This is usually done on an informal basis, simply keeping in touch with people from time to time but we do have clients who choose to come and have a “top-up” once in a while. Like all journeys to success, you need to ensure that you are on the right course every now and then, who better to help you do so than your business coach.

We don’t sell coaching, we invest in you.

Let us begin investing in you, jump over to our contacts page for a free consultation.

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