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The 4 outcomes your Yorkshire Business Coach is looking for.

At the heart of the business coaching process we use here at Yorkshire Business Coaching is a list of outcomes we strive to see our clients achieve. In many respects these are aspirations for all areas of life but as business coaches we aim to get our clients at least some way along the path to each of these destinations.

Outcome 1.

You can clearly visualise your final goal and am keeping on track towards it.

The words goal, or target or final destination are words that are frequently bandied around without proper care. Quite often at Yorkshire Business Coaching we discover that people who believe that they have clearly defined goals are quite right, they do. We have clients who come to us with brilliantly defined measurable goals. No problem? Er, yes actually. All too often we find that our clients’ goals are not their own at all. They are goals defined by a previous career, an ex- employer (you’d be amazed how many small business owners are trying to model themselves on those they have escaped from) and even their parents’ aspirations.

A Yorkshire business Coach will work with you cut through the stuff that is not yours and leave you with an aspiration that is yours alone.

Outcome 2.

You recognise that the road to your final goal is not a straight line and embrace that fact.

One thing our Leeds based coach Simon Cartwright often talks about is that when flying to the moon the space craft is off course 29 out of every 30 minutes of flight time. If you research something like the Apollo space missions, one thing that becomes apparent is that the route from Houston to the moon was not fixed. The general direction was but the actual route taken was one of constant adjustments, tweaks, checks and balances that occurred consistently and in a unique fashion for each mission. Well your journey to your goal is just that and we aim to help our clients accept and recognize that fact. This brings us on nicely to……

Outcome 3.

You understand that obstacles and failures are simply steps along that road.

The way in which an entrepreneur overcomes failures on his road to success is simply to refuse to see them as such. We work with our clients to enable them to be able to adopt that mindset. A failure is an opportunity to learn, not a reason to stop. Now, we are not saying that after working with a business coach you will never want to scream and shout when things go wrong however, what we promise is that if you work with us, you will have your shout and yell, then get up and get on with things in a far more positive frame of mind.

Outcome 4.

You embrace the future and the fact that you are responsible.

Far from being a prompt for fear and negativity, acceptance of responsibility is a liberating mental tool. If our goals are our own and our capacity to view setbacks as adjustments to be made on our lunar mission, so too then we can accept responsibility for our journey. We are in business to avoid a world where goals are set by others and all that is delegated is the potential for blame. By walking away from that world we have accepted that we can be in charge.
Do these 4 outcomes appeal to you? Would you like to develop your capacity to realise your goals and your desires? It is in within your power to do so and within your reach. Give us a call and let us give a little of our time to you in a free business consultation. No obligation, nothing to lose, plenty to gain.

Don’t forget, our business coaching service covers all of Yorkshire, including Leeds, Bradford, Harrogate, Otley, Huddersfield, Shipley, Wetherby, York and surrounding areas.



Business Coaching Tips: Ashton Agar Small Business Role Model!

 Business Coaching Tip: The Ego obstructs the pathways to success. Why Agar shows the way.

Funny thing happened to me the other day. In between writing and seeing clients I decided to luxuriate in the reality of being self employed and do something that any right thinking entrepreneur should do. I took time out and participated in the greatest televisual activity known to mankind. I watched the cricket.

Any Yorkshire business coach will tell you that the biggest obstacle to any individual’s business success is the ego and this post links together the two great themes in my life, working with people to help them attain their dreams and cricket.

Ashton Agar: Business Coaching Role Model.

Let’s look at what happened yesterday Australia crumbling under the pressure of the combined attack of Swann’s spin and Anderton’s swing were down to their last wicket partnership. Up steps Ashton Agar, test debutant, 19 years old. The Aussies 85 runs behind were staring at a major first innings deficit and you might expect the number 11 batsman to swish a few, maybe connect once and then be out McGrath style.

But Ashton had other ideas. Actually Ashton had no idea whatsoever. You see being in his first test he simply had no experience of being in a losing Aussie team (unlike all his colleagues!) He had no idea that his job was to make a token effort at sticking around for a while and save his energy for a futile day in the field or bowling in an effort to keep a superior team at bay. Ashton had no idea about what is role was other than to be Ashton. Ashton knows he can bat a bit and therefore has the simple idea in his head that if he can see the ball and can hit it somewhere good then he should. Not only that but Ashton saw no reason why he could not do that all day and he also seemed to have this bizarre idea in his head that hitting a ball around a park whilst wearing a crash helmet and have lots of people applauding you for it was a whole lot of fun. So Ashton had a big grin on his face.

A big ego is a big list of reasons to fail.

You see our egos are the things that take past experiences, frequently negative ones and create more obstructions between us and our goals. Even the external factors that get in our way are inflated in our minds and block our paths to success. We make these choices, we decide to focus our minds on these negatives we construct our barriers.

Ashton Agar the ego free baby of OZ!

My hero Ashton had no such problems, he had no experience of being a tail ender in an inferior team in the Ashes series and as such he just did his stuff. Ashton is the baby in many ways. At 19 he was the youngest member of the team and like a baby he had no fear. He followed his instincts and with no negative experience behind him just got up and walked, just like a baby!

How a Yorskhire Business Coach can help you.

Well first of all we can’t help you bat or bowl like Ashton. But there is something that you do well, if there were not then you would not be here and in business.We cannot return you to the fearless and child like state of the Baby who is walking for the first time. But we know exactly how to work on the mindset and attitudes that overcome negative expectations and fears and help you to realise your ambitions.

One click and you can be like Ashton

Click on the link and book a free initial consultation with one of our business coaches. A Yorkshire Business Coach can work with you and you can turn yourself into Ashton Agar!

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