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Tips for Leeds Businesses: The Tyranny of Planning

 Small Business Coaching Tips: The tyranny of planning.

You will know if you have read our posts and columns in the past that the most frequently quoted issue for improvement and development is “Time Management”.

Number 1: Time is finite, it cannot be managed.

That’s a fact. Now we might seem to be insulting your intelligence with that one but how many times have you use the phrase “Time Management” without actually thinking about what you mean? The phrase “Time Management” can best be summed up by one word, prioritising.

How many time management tools have you worked your way through in your business career?

Number 2: Planning, less is more.

So having established that there isn’t such a thing as time management we move onto busting up another one of those great myths. Planning, organising, setting schedules etc etc is really not all it is cracked up to be. If you think that setting time aside to plan, drawing up a schedule of detailed tasks for the week with every i dotted and every t crossed, every minute accounted for, then just ask yourself this question? How many times have your meticulously planned schedules fallen apart by about Monday afternoon at 3.00pm? How many days have passed by in frustration as you endlessly fail to meet those militarily precise targets as human realities keep cropping up such as tiredness, boredom, keeping an eye on the cricket (That’s me!) and getting interrupted by people who have the temerity to want to have a chat with you?

Over planning leads to disappointment just as under planning does.

No Yorkshire Business Coach will tell you not to plan. Starting each working day without an outline of the activities and a calendar with appointments to make is the wrong road to take. But what we will tell you is not to over-plan.

Number 3: write down, switch off, fill the gaps.

Yorkshire Business coaching takes its clients’ concerns about Time Management very seriously indeed. Every business coaching client is treated as an individual and their approaches to “Time Management” are looked at on an individualised basis. But just as a taster here is a simple three part plan that sellers and purveyors of time management tools and applications will not want to tell you.

1. Get a piece of paper and write down the main priorities for the week. List them as they come into your head. Take ten minutes on this task.

2. Leave it there and go do something that you like, such as watching the Aussies getting flogged in the Ashes. Once you have cleared your mind of planning worries then move to step 3.
3. Sometime later, saunter back and fill in your diary gaps.

Over a number of days. If you get stuck, stop. Repeat steps to 2 and 3 when you feel like it.

Casual? No! Efficient? Yes! Why Because you will take away the worry of needing to have a plan and the time you spend on steps 1 and 3 will be brief and painless. Not to mention that step 2 will be pure joy!

Yorkshire Business Coaches refresh the parts planning gurus cannot reach.

Our little planning plan is planned to enable you to plan not to overplan by planning relaxation time and arrest the tyranny of planning!

The process outlined touches on two key parts of the Yorkshire Business Coaching philosophy. Keeping a positive mindset and not over stretching that positivity by over dwelling on perceived obstacles. Want to find out more? Then click on this link to book a free initial consultation or give our Leeds office a call.

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