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Business Coach of the Year Awards

Some days, even I am humbled by the impact I have on other people’s businesses. The other day I was driving between coaching sessions when I got a phone call to say I had been short listed in The Business Coach of the Year awards. is the link to check it out.┬áDon’t forget to vote for me while you are there.

MY passion in life is to help others and if you follow your passion and not concern yourself with the results, every so often really nice surprises come along. For me this was one of those times and I will be honest, I certainly didn’t expect it. What it did do was put a huge smile on my face.

If your business excites you and you are doing it with passion then you don’t need to concern yourself with all of the finer details. By following your heart and your passion you WILL get to the success you are looking for. This is how the law of effort and reward works, it is the law of attraction.

I have written this message with my heart full of joy and a massive smile on my face, and that is priceless. Once you get to this same point, your business will grow.

Always remember that dreams do come true and Anything is Possible!


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