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Social Media 24/7 – Is your business up to the challenge?

Marketing your business is a significant key in making your business grow and today, your business needs to have a social media presence as a part of it’s marketing plan. There are many ways to look at social media as a marketing tool however few people recognise the fact that social media is a 24/7 activity. Your customers are online at all times of the day and night, they are there on weekends and national holidays. Is that when your business is online? So even though social media has no direct cost, the necessity to have someone maintaining your social media accounts does cost your business in time if not money. So how do you make most use of that time and how do you manage to deliver social media 24/7?

There are a few options and most people, who are not running a business that is technically orientated, will outsource this to another organisation who specialised in social media. It does come at a cost and given the considerable lack of understanding by most businesses as to how this works, this cost is usually a premium. There are cheaper ways and more importantly, more effective ways to use social media than outsourcing to an organisation to provide impersonal and sometimes unrelated social media marketing.

There are many free, online tools to allow you to post your social media comments, tweets, etc to multiple social media accounts at once. This provides you with a consistent broadcast of information out to your customers. They also allow you to schedule messages for when your customers are online, but your business is not. This allows you to maintain engagement throughout a 24/7 cycle across your social media portfolio for minimal effort. You can google the vast range of solutions available and find one that suits your business’ requirements. If you are having some trouble with knowing what you need, please get in contact and we can help you out.

However, there is more to social media than broadcasting news, events and discounts. This, in itself is unlikely to drives sales and an increase of turnover for most businesses. Why? For two main reasons. The first is that social media is about presenting your business socially, about engaging and INTERACTING with your customers. If you only broadcast to your customers then they will feel like there is no one behind the messages and be disengaged. You do need someone to spend time (during business hours of course) to respond and interact with customers across all of the social media platforms. Depending on the size of your business, it is recommended to spend at least 10 minutes a day, up to an hour a day if you have a lot of followers and interactions.

Now you will have 24/7 broadcasts and business hour interaction with your customers. Brilliant, but there is no positive impact on my business. It obviously doesn’t work and is a huge waste of time and effort. Here’s the trick that people selling you social media services will fail to explain. They will increase your likes and followers and click-throughs but they don’t guarantee sales. The missing piece of the puzzle is having a marketing funnel that has been carefully constructed and that your social media campaigns can feed into. Without this, your social media is a lot of hot air. There is not point in sending your social media hot air balloon on a round the world trip if it has no paying customers.

Whether you choose to outsource or insource your social media, make sure it has a purpose. For your business’ sake, make that purpose about generating sales and increasing turnover. Your social media campaigns, like any other marketing, should be focussed and directed at a specific outcome. Make this happen and your social media marketing will provide you with all that you need to grow your business.

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