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Feeling like your day to day is very grey?

Working in business requires energy and passion in order to achieve true success. If you are living each day like a robot you could be causing problems in your business as well as your personal life.

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Have an awesome day.

A view on 2015 and the year ahead

As you may already know, Yorkshire Business Coaching is an arm of ThinkPositive Coaching.

To catch up on how we did in 2015 and what is in store for 2016 then click the link here: A reflection on 2015


TrueTwit Validation – Is it costing you followers and potential customers?

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If you have spent enough time on Twitter, building up your fan base, you will have come across TrueTwit validation. You’ve clicked on Follow and you get a direct message asking you to validate yourself in order to follow that account.

As a business, the aim for us is to make as many connections as possible, to build an audience that we can interact with and network with. Many of the businesses that we are following, we are trying to help in one way or another by retweeting their tweets, or by giving them business when we have clients that require their services. It isn’t about just having a following, it is about being connected to people and helping others be as successful as they can be.

So, why wouldn’t you want to validate people wanting to follow you on Twitter?

Simple, it is an extra step to connect with you and each additional step is a potential blocker. It is like asking for a person’s passport and drivers licence before selling them a hot dog. It implies a lack of trust and you want to trust people that want to hear about your products and services. You want to trust people that want to engage with you and your business. It is social media after all and although we understand that it is possible for people to misrepresent themselves and be fraudulent, you should start with a positive opinion of others. Trust them and they are more likely to trust you and your business.

TrueTwit validation is someone stating that they assume all accounts are robots and that they need proof of otherwise. It also shows that they don’t spend very much time on Twitter themselves. You can tell, rather quickly which accounts are robots, or spambots, or people who just want to fill your Twitter feed with junk. I would rather spend a little time filtering out the trash and be sure that everyone else has an opportunity to follow us in a simple and efficient way.

As an organisation, we don’t follow people who use TrueTwit validation. We retract our intent to engage in their posts and potentially, they could be providing products or services that we could utilise as a business, but we will never know, and they will never get the opportunity to show us. Do you want to leave that potential in the hands of an automated validation system?

We understand that some people are still afraid of the terrors on the internet but as a business you need to be able to show your customers that you understand these things and are not afraid of them. Be confident and out in the open, don’t try to hide behind the wall of TrueTwit validation because your customers will never get through to you and you may very well miss out on some wonderful people who in addition, might have been your very next sale.



Yorkshire Business Coaching starts with Mindset

We all know that a positive attitude yields positive results. Those of us who grew up watching football in the seventies, eighties and nineties know how a positive mindset managed to take a fairly rough bunch of average performers to world beaters time after time. You all know what I mean, The Germans.

If you click on your Twitter account, or Facebook news feed you will find numerous tweets/posts that are jammed packed with words of wisdom about how your attitude helps defines outcomes. That even includes our own set of daily affirmations that we hope you all enjoy. The difficulty for any small business person lies in sorting out the cliches from the gold dust, the nuggets from the breadcrumbs, the affirmations from the cliches.

A Yorkshire Business Coach can show you how to make sense of it all.

As one of our clients said recently “All these affirmations about the power of positive thinking are all very well but if it was that easy then everyone would be doing it!” In a way, our client had a point. One can feel bombarded by messages of goodwill and exhortations to present a positive face to the world. If a small business owner is feeling down, then no number of positive affirmations, whether from Einstein or Patton, will help him to a better place unless he has a strategy. That’s where we come in.

Every Business Owner has a positive story to tell. Sometimes it takes a business coach to bring it out.

Positive mindset requires a recognition of what is really working. A basic first step that a Yorkshire Business Coach will take is to draw out what is going on in your business that really works and where your successes, big or small, have been.That might sound very simple, but when you are in the middle of running (or being run by?) your business it takes astute questioning from a trained third eye to really hone in on the good stuff.

Every success is the platform from which we view future triumphs.

So having having evaluated the successes, we move onto visualisation. The job of the business coach is to help the client project his strengths onto the outcomes. To put it simply we teach our clients to say;”I have done x well, therefore I can expect the outcome of my current efforts will be Y and Z. Visualisation and affirmation techniques lie at the core of the Yorkshire Business Coach’s work.

Listen to your language.

Working with one of our coaches will enable you to shift your mindset into a higher, achievement orientated, plane. However if you are not ready to invest the time to meet one of our coaches and see how we can help you, then have a free tip. Listen to your langauge. What is the first thing your mind’s voice says to you when you wake up? If it is a negative statement then bin it, literally bin it in your mind’s eye and replace it with something else. Do this for all of the negative language that runs through your mind.

To find out how Yorkshire Business Coaching can work for you and your business:

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Our Coaching is 100% Animal Cruelty Free

Marketing is an interesting business function and its aim is to promote and increase the leads into your business. How far can it go before promotional marketing become deceitful even when being truthful?

I was having lunch at a globally popular fast food chain when I noticed that they had stated that their recycled paper packaging was 100% chlorine free. Call me a cynic but let us start by recognising the legal requirement for this statement to be correct. Thus, I do believe that their paper packaging is 100% chlorine free, however this is not the point.

The assumption being made, by anyone who doesn’t know better, is that chlorine in the paper is a bad thing and that by making a notice about being 100% free of chlorine, the business is telling us about the good things they are doing for its customers. I will restate this….the assumption.

I know nothing about the recycling of paper other than the output is typically having a brownish colour which originally resulted in bleaching of the products to get the preferred white look of paper that people desire. I don’t know if that is still the case but again, I would assume that chlorine was one of the products used to do this.

As an aside, I once heard that a company created natural recycled paper from wood shavings collected from a timber factory.  It came out too white and people weren’t buying it. They ended up putting brown dye into the mix so that people believed it was actually recycled!

Anyway, you might be wondering at this stage what my point is….because obviously my knowledge of paper recycling is incredibly limited and is something I should really Google to find out more.

The point is, that the paper might contain pesticides, carcinogens or some other really nasty thing….but all we know from the marketing is that it is 100% chlorine free. The business is getting positive feelings about its packaging, people thinking how good it is that they are protecting their customers and the environment from all of that dreaded chlorine.

What if chlorine isn’t even part of the normal paper recycling process? If it isn’t, would you feel deceived?

This type of marketing strategy is easy to deploy and can have positive benefits for your organisation. It is legally bound to be truthful, but done wrong it could be seen to be inherently deceitful. As an example, what if we started promoting Yorkshire business coaching as 100% Animal Cruelty Free! This would be truthful and is promoting something positive about the business but actually it is totally unrelated to the process of coaching. For information, we don’t coach animals, just people. The statement that we are 100% Animal Cruelty Free  is therefore misleading to our customers and as a business we have a duty of care to not misrepresent our organisation.

I don’t think the answer is black and white, if a statement relates to a type of process in your organisation then it could validly be used, even if it isn’t actually a part of the process you use. For example, you produce bread and use a special raising agent to make the bread rise. Other businesses use yeast to make their bread rise. Thus even though yeast was never a part of your process it does belong to a related process. Hence indicating that your bread is 100% yeast free is a valid way to market in this fashion.

Care does need to be taken, but add this strategy to your marketing portfolio and see if you can get improved brand awareness and increased revenues from doing so.

Please remember, never be cruel to animals. They will thank you for it.


We All Need Someone to be Accountable to

It is easy to be motivated when everything you touch turns to gold. When you are on a roll and making things happen you have heaps of motivation and energy. What do you do when this isn’t the case? What do you do when you are struggling with motivation and just can’t seem to find the energy to do what it takes? This is a great question and it is one that even the most successful people need to have an answer to.
Believe it or not the answer to this question is a simple one. You need, just like everyone who is striving for success, someone to be accountable to. Being self-employed you are the boss and don’t have someone looking over your shoulder pushing you. You are human and that means you won’t be motivating yourself at 100% all the time!
Consider is like a session at the gym. You think you push yourself hard to run that extra mile, cycle that extra 5 minutes or lift that heavy weight just one more time. Get a personal trainer involved and you will find out how much motivation you were missing, you will find our how much more you can achieve.
That is why the coaching industry is thriving around the world. Not just in sport, but across all businesses and in all industries, the benefits of having a business coach, or personal trainer for your business, is being realised. The reason is, as I mentioned already, that we are human and it is normal to have your down days. A good coach will know how to get you to do what it takes even on the days where you are flat and unmotivated. A good business coach will know how to get you to push yourself that little bit further to achieve greater benefits for you and your business.
Most people look for a coach to give them advice and direction. However quite often people need a business coach as someone to be accountable to, someone to help them keep up their motivation levels when they are unable to do it themselves.
If you are looking for someone to keep you on track and firing on all cylinders to success, contact us via the phone number at top left of screen or use our contact form here:

Social Media 24/7 – Is your business up to the challenge?

Marketing your business is a significant key in making your business grow and today, your business needs to have a social media presence as a part of it’s marketing plan. There are many ways to look at social media as a marketing tool however few people recognise the fact that social media is a 24/7 activity. Your customers are online at all times of the day and night, they are there on weekends and national holidays. Is that when your business is online? So even though social media has no direct cost, the necessity to have someone maintaining your social media accounts does cost your business in time if not money. So how do you make most use of that time and how do you manage to deliver social media 24/7?

There are a few options and most people, who are not running a business that is technically orientated, will outsource this to another organisation who specialised in social media. It does come at a cost and given the considerable lack of understanding by most businesses as to how this works, this cost is usually a premium. There are cheaper ways and more importantly, more effective ways to use social media than outsourcing to an organisation to provide impersonal and sometimes unrelated social media marketing.

There are many free, online tools to allow you to post your social media comments, tweets, etc to multiple social media accounts at once. This provides you with a consistent broadcast of information out to your customers. They also allow you to schedule messages for when your customers are online, but your business is not. This allows you to maintain engagement throughout a 24/7 cycle across your social media portfolio for minimal effort. You can google the vast range of solutions available and find one that suits your business’ requirements. If you are having some trouble with knowing what you need, please get in contact and we can help you out.

However, there is more to social media than broadcasting news, events and discounts. This, in itself is unlikely to drives sales and an increase of turnover for most businesses. Why? For two main reasons. The first is that social media is about presenting your business socially, about engaging and INTERACTING with your customers. If you only broadcast to your customers then they will feel like there is no one behind the messages and be disengaged. You do need someone to spend time (during business hours of course) to respond and interact with customers across all of the social media platforms. Depending on the size of your business, it is recommended to spend at least 10 minutes a day, up to an hour a day if you have a lot of followers and interactions.

Now you will have 24/7 broadcasts and business hour interaction with your customers. Brilliant, but there is no positive impact on my business. It obviously doesn’t work and is a huge waste of time and effort. Here’s the trick that people selling you social media services will fail to explain. They will increase your likes and followers and click-throughs but they don’t guarantee sales. The missing piece of the puzzle is having a marketing funnel that has been carefully constructed and that your social media campaigns can feed into. Without this, your social media is a lot of hot air. There is not point in sending your social media hot air balloon on a round the world trip if it has no paying customers.

Whether you choose to outsource or insource your social media, make sure it has a purpose. For your business’ sake, make that purpose about generating sales and increasing turnover. Your social media campaigns, like any other marketing, should be focussed and directed at a specific outcome. Make this happen and your social media marketing will provide you with all that you need to grow your business.

What to know how to apply this to your business? Call our Yorkshire Head office on 07 799 113 764 for more information.


What Makes a Yorkshire Business Coach Tick?

What makes a Yorkshire Business Coach tick?

“Of all the jobs in all the world why did you have to walk into this one?” Please excuse the none too subtle paraphrasing of Rick from Casablanca. What we are trying to get at here is give an answer to the question that we get asked once in a blue moon by clients: “What makes you want to do what you do?”

Our successful clients want to know what makes us tick.

Fortunately it is not clients who have experienced difficulties who ask this question. It would be rather difficult to tell someone who perceives themselves as a business failure why you spend time and energy investing in people. Rather it is our more successful clients, who may well be making more money than we are in our chosen vocation who want to know what makes us do what we do.

Yorkshire Business Coaches are “people focussed”, but with a twist.

What do we mean by that?. Well most people who are thought of as “people focussed” are not necessarily financially focussed. Let’s be honest teachers, social workers, nurses and GPs are not people who go into their particular line of work in order to make vast sums of money. Some Doctors are finding themselves working in an increasingly business like environment but in the main, along with the other professions mentioned, they did not enter their jobs in an entrepreneurial spirit.

Yorkshire Business Coaches are people who share the desire to work for and with people for their benefit but start out as entrereneurs first and foremost.

Yorkshire business Coaches allow you to take responsibility.

Mentor, Teacher, Coach? The roles are often interchangeable and people frequently confuse the different roles. A Yorkshire Business Coach does not. Our coaches are trained to fully understand what their role is. We are the Ivan Lendls of the business world. We work with our Andy Murrays on their mindsets, we work with them to allow them to find the best ways to exploit their talents and make the best decisions based on their business goals. We do not pretend that we have the skills and attributes of our clients (my bet is that Murray would wallop Lendl in his prime). We guide and probe, we do not instruct. We like to plant seeds and water the garden.

Yorkshire Business Coaching employs business coaches who are learners.

The most effective coach is the one who understands that we never stop developing, never stop learning, never can assume that the path ahead is as smooth as we imagine as the one we left behind to be. Coaching clients can see through someone who believes he has all the answers, as soon as a coach delivers an answer that appears to be cliched or a stock reply a client can spot it. Why? Because they are people just like you. They have made a decision to work for themselves, they are independent minded and like you they can spot cliches, bull and other such stuff a mile off.

Think that describes you? The fact that you are reading this prooably means yes.

And as that is the case why not click on the link and get a free no obligation consultation?

Of course I Facebook at work, who doesn’t?

Once upon a time in a far away land, the internet was one of those things that you only used at work to connect what you are working on with other stuff. It was never a place for connecting you to the rest of the world. Internet surfing was something you did at home, and it took forever and it was really poor quality, but man it was fun.

These days we live in a different world where we are almost always connected to the internet in one form or another. You can be one of those people who switches off or is actively boycotting technology but in most developed countries, in most workplaces, there will be someone who is right now updating their Facebook status.

Quick, fire them now!!!

Seriously though, some organisations get stressed about this sort of thing. It didn’t happen twenty years ago and it has been frowned upon for so long, but now it is time to relax and make a change to a different way of working and managing people. We are connected all of the time and we are learning to manage these connections in a different way. You have heard stories about people who have relationship issues because someone hasn’t texted them sometime in the last three hours. Same applies here. What people do with social media and the internet is the outlet they have for their lives. It might be sharing a funny cat photo to brighten their day, or venting over someone’s inability to drive properly on the motorway. These connections have positive values that are being built into the lives of people today. We have built this relationship with technology and if you remove people’s access to it, you remove that comfort, that feeling of belonging. It causes anxiety, stress and fear. Why would you do that to someone?

Understandably there are limits and if internet usage causes capability issues then it needs to be controlled. For most people, let them get on with it and it will only provide them with a greater sense of well being and security. They will be happier people for feeling better connected to the rest of their world while busily getting on with their work.

The next time you catch someone updating Facebook in the office, don’t reprimand them, ask them if they are posting anything good. You will be amazed at the difference such a simple action can make.

Be presentable, be professional

You might not like doing presentations, which is quite normal as most people are scared of standing up in front of a group and talking. The thing is that to be a real success in business you need to be able to do a professional presentation whenever you are called upon.

I spend a lot of time coaching and mentoring businessman and businesswoman to be confident public speakers and presenters .Why? You might ask. Well, whether you are standing in front of a group or sitting at your desk selling a prospect a deal, you will need to have competent presenting skills. You will need to show your audience that you are comfortable and confident, even when you aren’t.

There are certain skills you can learn which will make you a better public speaker and presenter. The more confident you look and act, the more positive energy coming from you, the more likely that you will be a major influence on your audience. They will buy from you, they will like you and trust you more. I know this may sound a bit unusual and you may not believe me, but I help people on a day to day basis to improve their presentation skills and they become more successful business people because of it.

Get more professional and get better at presenting your opportunities. Whether that is in front of one or 100 people the skills are the same and I can give them to you. Get your success.

Give me a call at our Leeds Office today to find out how I can help you be a better presenter and a bigger success.

Simon Cartwright APCTC 2014 Business Coach of the Year

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