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Cognitive Behaviour as Part of Business Coaching

Cognitive Behaviour as Part of Business Coaching

Addressing behaviours as part of running a business

In many instances business coaching can be roughly divided into two types. Type one deals with the analysis and examination of practical issues, the drawing up of financial plans, budgeting, managing costs and orgainising staff or resources. The other type is the what focusses on behaviours and attitudes. In professional medical terms this is referred to as cognitive behaviour therapy.

 A Yorkshire Business Coach does not consider himself to be a therapist

It is very important to deal with the subtle distinction between business coaching which addresses business behaviours and full blown Cognitive Behaviour Therapy. CBT is a form of therapy used by health services in combination with other treatments to deal with disorders.  Business coaches who deal with attitudes and behaviours have only one aim in mind, to enable clients to manage behaviours that reflect upon and are influenced by their businesses. Another way to look at it, is that a business coach deals with healthy people who have bad habits in order to change those habits for the benefit of their business.

Example: An artistic creative small business owner who cannot get his head around figures

Some people are in business because of their passion for what they make or do. For many such people the nuts and bolts of invoicing, purchasing and budgeting is a difficult thing to deal with. A typical behaviour in this instance will be to put off these tasks and take on tasks that favour their skill set more. This sort of procrastination is not part of a mental disorder. In fact it is a perfectly normal human behaviour to focus on what we do well. However in this instance if the issue is not addressed then the behaviour; delay, putting things off and the consequent anxieties can have a really negative impact on the business. In this regard Yorkshire Business Coaches work with a client to understand the effects of these behaviours on their business and get them to recognise when such behaviours might be likely to arise again.

Example: Difficult personnel decisions

Another behaviour trait for business owners with employees may be a lack of confidence in dealing with personnel issues. Inactivity due to fear of conflict or anxiety about how people may be hurt by certain, necessary courses of action. Again, a small business coach will engage the client with these issues, examine the behaviours and address them in the context of the business but not attempt to solve or even attempt to identify any deep lying personal emotional or behavioural issues.

A business coach is not a Cognitive Behavioural Therapist but they can help you create better behaviours to improve yourself and your business.

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