Do You Want A Quick Fix?

“If you want to be healed, first you need to take the medicine.” – Chris Fleming

When we are down or not in a good place we just want a quick fix. We just want to do whatever will get rid of the horrible feeling in the fastest way possible. We will take the short term fix even though we know deep down that it will come back again because we haven’t properly dealt with the problem.

What Chris is saying here is often we don’t do what we know deep inside to do to sort out our own problems. It usually takes hearing it from somewhere or being told it from somebody else. Some of us even give the advice to others yet don’t take that advice ourselves. How ridiculous is that? Quite often when the answer does get given to us we think ‘I knew that already’.

Deep down you know the answers, we all have the power within us and the knowledge to cure ourselves. The cure is there yet we don’t do what it takes, we don’t take our own medicine to fix us. Most of the time this is because we don’t want to admit to ourselves what the problem really is and thus if you deny the problem, you also deny the need for an answer to the problem.

Step away from the problem and be open and honest with yourself. Think what advice you would give to someone else in the same situation then back it up by following your own advice!
Take your own medicine and deal with your problems the right way, even if it takes a little bit longer.

You can do it but if you feel like you can’t then let me help you to find the way.

Business Coach in Yorkshire Simon Cartwright

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