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TrueTwit Validation - Is it costing you followers and potential customers? - Yorkshire Business Coaching

TrueTwit Validation – Is it costing you followers and potential customers?

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If you have spent enough time on Twitter, building up your fan base, you will have come across TrueTwit validation. You’ve clicked on Follow and you get a direct message asking you to validate yourself in order to follow that account.

As a business, the aim for us is to make as many connections as possible, to build an audience that we can interact with and network with. Many of the businesses that we are following, we are trying to help in one way or another by retweeting their tweets, or by giving them business when we have clients that require their services. It isn’t about just having a following, it is about being connected to people and helping others be as successful as they can be.

So, why wouldn’t you want to validate people wanting to follow you on Twitter?

Simple, it is an extra step to connect with you and each additional step is a potential blocker. It is like asking for a person’s passport and drivers licence before selling them a hot dog. It implies a lack of trust and you want to trust people that want to hear about your products and services. You want to trust people that want to engage with you and your business. It is social media after all and although we understand that it is possible for people to misrepresent themselves and be fraudulent, you should start with a positive opinion of others. Trust them and they are more likely to trust you and your business.

TrueTwit validation is someone stating that they assume all accounts are robots and that they need proof of otherwise. It also shows that they don’t spend very much time on Twitter themselves. You can tell, rather quickly which accounts are robots, or spambots, or people who just want to fill your Twitter feed with junk. I would rather spend a little time filtering out the trash and be sure that everyone else has an opportunity to follow us in a simple and efficient way.

As an organisation, we don’t follow people who use TrueTwit validation. We retract our intent to engage in their posts and potentially, they could be providing products or services that we could utilise as a business, but we will never know, and they will never get the opportunity to show us. Do you want to leave that potential in the hands of an automated validation system?

We understand that some people are still afraid of the terrors on the internet but as a business you need to be able to show your customers that you understand these things and are not afraid of them. Be confident and out in the open, don’t try to hide behind the wall of TrueTwit validation because your customers will never get through to you and you may very well miss out on some wonderful people who in addition, might have been your very next sale.



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