What Makes a Yorkshire Business Coach Tick?

What makes a Yorkshire Business Coach tick?

“Of all the jobs in all the world why did you have to walk into this one?” Please excuse the none too subtle paraphrasing of Rick from Casablanca. What we are trying to get at here is give an answer to the question that we get asked once in a blue moon by clients: “What makes you want to do what you do?”

Our successful clients want to know what makes us tick.

Fortunately it is not clients who have experienced difficulties who ask this question. It would be rather difficult to tell someone who perceives themselves as a business failure why you spend time and energy investing in people. Rather it is our more successful clients, who may well be making more money than we are in our chosen vocation who want to know what makes us do what we do.

Yorkshire Business Coaches are “people focussed”, but with a twist.

What do we mean by that?. Well most people who are thought of as “people focussed” are not necessarily financially focussed. Let’s be honest teachers, social workers, nurses and GPs are not people who go into their particular line of work in order to make vast sums of money. Some Doctors are finding themselves working in an increasingly business like environment but in the main, along with the other professions mentioned, they did not enter their jobs in an entrepreneurial spirit.

Yorkshire Business Coaches are people who share the desire to work for and with people for their benefit but start out as entrereneurs first and foremost.

Yorkshire business Coaches allow you to take responsibility.

Mentor, Teacher, Coach? The roles are often interchangeable and people frequently confuse the different roles. A Yorkshire Business Coach does not. Our coaches are trained to fully understand what their role is. We are the Ivan Lendls of the business world. We work with our Andy Murrays on their mindsets, we work with them to allow them to find the best ways to exploit their talents and make the best decisions based on their business goals. We do not pretend that we have the skills and attributes of our clients (my bet is that Murray would wallop Lendl in his prime). We guide and probe, we do not instruct. We like to plant seeds and water the garden.

Yorkshire Business Coaching employs business coaches who are learners.

The most effective coach is the one who understands that we never stop developing, never stop learning, never can assume that the path ahead is as smooth as we imagine as the one we left behind to be. Coaching clients can see through someone who believes he has all the answers, as soon as a coach delivers an answer that appears to be cliched or a stock reply a client can spot it. Why? Because they are people just like you. They have made a decision to work for themselves, they are independent minded and like you they can spot cliches, bull and other such stuff a mile off.

Think that describes you? The fact that you are reading this prooably means yes.

And as that is the case why not click on the link and get a free no obligation consultation?

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