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Yorkshire Business Coach: Challenge is the key

Yorkshire Business Coach: Challenge is the key

The Challenge for a Yorkshire Business Coach is to keep challenging you. Comfort Zone = Downhill Zone!

Jerry Garcia of the Grateful Dead wrote the best line for small business people to listen out for. You might think that a bit weird, he lead singer songwriter from the greatest hippy band San francisco ever produced but there in a the middle of one of their seminal hippy druggy songs comes the line every small business owner and small business coach must heed:

When life Looks like Easy Street there is danger at your door.

At this point we have to be fair to the Dead. They created a unique brand, were one of the most celebrated  “underground bands” in the world and sold out concerts on very continent. Their brand consisted of an apparent rejection of commercialis , they actually encouraged bootleggers to record their concerts. They were, by the time they effectively disbanded in 1995, all millionaires regarded as still in touch with the ideals of the sixties counter culture. So not only were they a highly successful small business that grew through staying fixed on their original purpose, they supplied us with the best line of small business advice in the rock and roll canon.

Yorkshire Business Coaches understand where that danger lies.

We don’t need to spend the weekend listening to flower power rock icons to understand the key message. Our experience shows that the seeds of decline in any small business are potentially sown at the point in time when there is a sense that all is well. There is a short step from feeling satisfied with progress made and complacency. It is a poor coach who will allow his client to sit their feeling content at every coaching session. It is a really poor coach who makes the mistake of berating his client for celebrating success. Challenge is the key word here and challenging a client, to stretch himself , take another risk expand his horizons and grab a frisson of fear on the way is the core of the coach’s task.

Health Warning! You may not enjoy every Yorkshire Business Coaching session!

Your small business coach is duty bound to steer an honest and progressive path between recognising your successes and not allowing you to enjoy them too much. They take one match at a time and the clichés you see and hear on post match interviews on Sky Sports or MOTD are the result of coaches working hard to drill a work ethos into their teams. As far as your Yorkshire Business coach is concerned the game is never over, the season is always running and your mental and physical fitness needs to meet the changes and challenges of the business world. Sometimes you might get the equivalent of the Fergie hair dryer treatment!

Are you prepared to pay someone to take you out of comfort zone and shake you up?

Because if you are then we think we can work with you and for you to grow your business. Click on this link and get in contact!

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