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Yorkshire Business Coaching starts with Mindset - Yorkshire Business Coaching

Yorkshire Business Coaching starts with Mindset

We all know that a positive attitude yields positive results. Those of us who grew up watching football in the seventies, eighties and nineties know how a positive mindset managed to take a fairly rough bunch of average performers to world beaters time after time. You all know what I mean, The Germans.

If you click on your Twitter account, or Facebook news feed you will find numerous tweets/posts that are jammed packed with words of wisdom about how your attitude helps defines outcomes. That even includes our own set of daily affirmations that we hope you all enjoy. The difficulty for any small business person lies in sorting out the cliches from the gold dust, the nuggets from the breadcrumbs, the affirmations from the cliches.

A Yorkshire Business Coach can show you how to make sense of it all.

As one of our clients said recently “All these affirmations about the power of positive thinking are all very well but if it was that easy then everyone would be doing it!” In a way, our client had a point. One can feel bombarded by messages of goodwill and exhortations to present a positive face to the world. If a small business owner is feeling down, then no number of positive affirmations, whether from Einstein or Patton, will help him to a better place unless he has a strategy. That’s where we come in.

Every Business Owner has a positive story to tell. Sometimes it takes a business coach to bring it out.

Positive mindset requires a recognition of what is really working. A basic first step that a Yorkshire Business Coach will take is to draw out what is going on in your business that really works and where your successes, big or small, have been.That might sound very simple, but when you are in the middle of running (or being run by?) your business it takes astute questioning from a trained third eye to really hone in on the good stuff.

Every success is the platform from which we view future triumphs.

So having having evaluated the successes, we move onto visualisation. The job of the business coach is to help the client project his strengths onto the outcomes. To put it simply we teach our clients to say;”I have done x well, therefore I can expect the outcome of my current efforts will be Y and Z. Visualisation and affirmation techniques lie at the core of the Yorkshire Business Coach’s work.

Listen to your language.

Working with one of our coaches will enable you to shift your mindset into a higher, achievement orientated, plane. However if you are not ready to invest the time to meet one of our coaches and see how we can help you, then have a free tip. Listen to your langauge. What is the first thing your mind’s voice says to you when you wake up? If it is a negative statement then bin it, literally bin it in your mind’s eye and replace it with something else. Do this for all of the negative language that runs through your mind.

To find out how Yorkshire Business Coaching can work for you and your business:

Simply by clicking on this link to our contact page and completing the simple form, we will contact you to book a free consultation.

Take a positive step for you and your business. Get in contact with us today.


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