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Yorkshire Business Coaching: Managing Personnel

Yorkshire Business Coaching: Managing Personnel

Yorkshire Business Coaching will work with you to see personnel issues with clarity

Personnel issues are frequently brought to small business coaches under the banner of problems. This usually happens in two instances. Firstly where the client has a short term problem in dealing with an individual or a number of individuals. These can be staff conflict problems or issues connected with under performance. The worst issue employers face is when they feel paralysed to deal with an individual because they are concerned that conflict will arise with that person.

A Yorkshire Business Coach will not shirk the key cause: your management systems

That does not mean that your coaching session will necessarily be a blame game. Coaching is not about finding fault, though it is worth pointing out that an astute and concerned coach will be quick to point out that you may be dodging the issue. Your structures and systems may well be secure but in the ever changing world of commerce an objective and critical coach will help you to drill down below the policy statements and analyse how your systems may be impacting upon the performance and behaviours of key personnel.

An example may be that a colleague’s performance may be a cause for concern. However your performance evaluation techniques may be missing one key ingredient. It may well be that whilst your KPIs for that individual may be sound, the resources he needs to meet your expectations may not be there. Perhaps more of your competitors are using more cost effective marketing techniques that enable their employees to reach more people more quickly. Here are some questions you might ask yourself.

1. To what extent do I empower my employees to develop new techniques?

2. How do I know that they are keeping up with the latest developments

3. If I enable them to do so, can they actually take more work from my shoulders and become  more effective partners in my business?


The core of the effective management policy: communication

Yorkshire Business coaches try to avoid using a lot of management jargon. So just think of this simple proposition. Your coaching session is focused around discussion about shared goals. What might look good on paper may well be missing that vital ingredient, real conversation. A Yorkshire Business coach will engage you in such a way that you will feel more confident in dealing with your staff as individuals, and cut through the policy manual. Systems rely on people to make them work and people have one big failing, they like to deal with people. At the heart of most personnel issues lies the fact that an employer may well have forgotten how to engage and discuss. Coaching works because it reignites that basic human need to work as a community.

Do you have the integrity to deal with personnel issues by taking a good look at how you manage your staff, but need a hand to work out how to get started?

Then we would like to meet you. By clicking on this link you can set up a free consultation and engage with a coach in a way that may well liberate your management from the manual and back to where it matters. People.


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